5-paragraph Essay

How to Write a 5-paragraph Essay

5-paragraph-essayIf you are a student, it is obvious that you have heard about five-paragraph essay. Indeed, from its name it becomes clear that it is such format of composition, which includes five paragraphs. They are the following: an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. It is also interesting to note that due to its structure, 5-paragraph Essay is often called “hamburger essay”,” one three one”, or a “three-tier” composition. What is more, 5-paragraph essay is also known as “persuasive” or “argumentative” essay.

When it comes to the first part of the 5-paragraph essay- introduction, it serves to inform the reader of the basic premises and the main idea of the paper. In this part of paper you have to state the thesis as well.  Please, bear in mind the fact that to make a strong essay, the very first thing you have to do is to capture the reader’s interest from its very beginning. By doing this the reader will surely want to read your paper till the very end.  As to the body, it will include three paragraphs, every of each has to be limited to one main idea, which, in fact, supports your thesis. And the conclusion sums up all data provided and also supports your thesis.

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