Art Therapy Essay

Our inner world is filled with images of feelings and ideas, through which the emotional communication between human beings takes place. Our unconscious interacts with our consciousness with images of feelings. The deeper and more intense interaction is, the more responsive to the viewer and listener’s soul works of art, which tells with a special language of the depth of spiritual life, are.

The poetic language of dream and fantasy, feelings and experiences is unusual for the mind of a logically thinking person that lives in the big city at the high speed but as far as difficult it is, so important it is, because knowledge of this language can open up hidden immense horizons of abilities, capabilities, resources, creativity, etc.

Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses art as a therapeutic factor. Art therapy emerged in the context of psychoanalytic ideas of Freud and Jung (Lloyd, 1999). At the present stage of art therapy development recognition of the diversity of forms of the human experience and ways of its reflection in various models of cultural and professional discourse are distinctive. Art therapy is used as the primary method of therapy as well as additional one. In my opinion, one of the important benefits of art therapy is that the art allows reconstructing a conflict traumatic situation in the symbolic latent form, and find its solution by the fact that creativity is a transformative force for overcoming fear, anxiety, arising from the internal existential conflict. I am sure that the process of art therapy is fun, and it teaches clients to express their feelings spontaneously and randomly as much as possible. Therefore, art therapy has been successfully used in work with children, adults, in individual and family therapy, with a broad range of interpersonal and intrapersonal problems and solving issues related to physical health.

The possibilities of art therapy are almost unlimited:

-Art therapy is a way to establish relations. By means of art man can not only express himself but also to learn more about him and others. A man gets a new experience, which he can carry in his life, facilitating communication with others building relationships with people who speak the language of sounds, colors, movements, i.e. a non-verbal language of communication.

-Art therapy is the process of self-awareness and world learning. Feelings, hopes and fears, expectations and concerns, conflict and reconciliation are embodied in the creative works. The creative possibilities both the child and adult are realized in the process of art therapy – it is their development, intellectual, emotional, disclosure of creativity, implementation of their rights for decent life, the possibility to overcome the limitations caused by illness or injury and even the disability.

-Art therapy is a creative search. Each person responds to the questions that everybody faces: “Who I am and what I am? What is a world in which I live?” Creativity is the way in which it is possible to search for answers to these questions and ways how to answer them and the answer itself. The experience of the moment of creation gives strength to overcome obstacles and meet internal and external conflicts.

-Art therapy can be viewed as a way of social adaptation. Art therapy is especially important for people with disabilities, who because of physical or mental characteristics of their state are often socially maladjusted and limited in social contact. Creative experience, self-awareness and development of new skills allow these people to participate in society more actively and independently, expanding their range of social and occupational choice. The development of human creativity contributes to its capacity to make decisions, to build their lives more effectively (Skaife, 2009).

I have always been interested in art because there is an answer in art and it always gives me happiness with its colors. I could express so many things with art. I believe that people cannot express everything with their language, but they can with art. In order to improve my mood or escape from bad thoughts, I often turn to artistic technique and creativity: painting, sculpture, music, photography, movies, books, acting, storytelling and much more.

Art therapy classes contribute to a more clear and subtle expression of my feelings, problems, internal conflicts, on the one hand, and creative expression – on the other. In the creative process, I can manifest myself much brighter and clearer than in writing or in speech.

I believe that the art therapy works help to break the content of complexes in mind and the experience of negative emotions that accompany them. This is especially important for patients who cannot “speak out”, because to express their imagination in art is easier than to tell them. Fantasies, which are represented on paper or made ​​of clay, often help to express experience faster and easier. I am convinced that in the creative process protection, which is in verbal, familiar contact, eliminated or reduced so as a result the patient can more accurately and realistically assess his experience of the world.

Art therapy is very important in modern society, so now more and more people peruse graduate education in art therapy. Art therapy is used practically in all areas of psychotherapy, and teaching, social work and business involve the methods of art therapy.

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