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It is known that team behavior plays an important role in the process of work. The team members should learn the appropriate information concerning each member’s skills, personal background and behaviors. For successful team development, team members should respect individual differences in characters and adjust to each member’s attitudes. However, in some cases, there are team members who exhibit negative team behaviors. The main characteristics of such team members include the following ones: lack of support and initiative to perform team activities and tasks in a proper way, the use of some aggressive terms and phrases which intimidate other team members, lack of mutual understanding, negative attitude to other team members, lack of desire to support changes in the workplace, selfish attitude and lack of desire “to be a part of the team”, deeply entrenched prejudices against other team members and others.

The following example gives an opportunity to understand the consequences of the negative team behavior. One of the team members, Alex has a rule to criticize other team members’ ideas. This fact leads to lack of trust and misunderstanding between team members. Some young specialists hesitate to express their opinions concerning this or that task. They try to keep silent in order to avoid Alex’s critical comments which can even injure the individual’s pride. Of course, this negative behavior of a person who is considered to be “a part of the team” is destructive.  In this case, Alex’s negative behavior can hinder the growth and development of the team. Moreover, this negative behavior can lead to team conflicts which always ruin working climate in the team.

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