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I had watched a video where David Cole interviews Dr. Piper. As for the goal of D. Coal’s research it seems to me more like an effort of justification of Nazi regime than actually making certain how many victims died in Auschwitz concentration camp. He is constantly skeptic about any proof of “gas chambers” existence, though I read in Günter Grass’ memoirs “Peeling the Onion” that the author had seen such proofs, namely photographs of “gas chambers” and their victims. He writes that at first site he couldn’t believe them; he thought that it was a deception devised by Americans to distract the reputation of Germany and Germans, picturing them as cruel, inhuman brutes. But he soon understood that when you live in the country with a totalitarian regime (such as Germany was in years 1941-1945) you may never know the actual truth about the events even inside your own country, not to speak of the foreign affairs. In my opinion, Grass is right and I totally disagree with Cole. Of course, it is important to know the true history, especially in the matters which concern cases of genocide (in our case it was called holocaust). We can say that there were no holocaust but how can we than explain where did 2 to 4 million Jews disappear? We must assume that they are lost somewhere. In his video Cole mentions the story of famous Anne Frank. Though she died from typhus, we can’t say that it would anyway happen if she would not be interned in Auschwitz camp. It is important for us to understand, that no matter the person died from a disease or was burned in a “gas chamber”, we can’t say he/she was not a victim of the Nazi regime in general and concentration camps like Auschwitz. If we forget it, we are doomed to have something like that again.

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