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Approximately 12% of suicides are accompanied with a note. In suicide note a person who committed suicide usually tells about the reason of this dead. Suicide notes of famous persons always have significant emotional response in society. One of the most famous suicide notes in 20th century was a note by Brazilian president Getulio Vargas.
GetĂșlio Dornelles Vargas (1882-1954 was very important personality in the history of Brazil. He headed the state for 18 years. He started his political career as a congressman in Rio de Janeiro, later was appointed as Brazilian Finance Minister. First time he became the president in Brazil in 1930 because of the Revolution. His first period of governance lasted for 15 years. He was considered as a dictator; he banned all the political parties and trade unions, he suppressed the opposition and censored the media. However, his reforms in Brazilian economics shaped Brazilian way of development. .Under his government Brazilian economy made a shift from plantation-based agricultural economy to the economy of industrialized country. Vargas supported state monopoly on the vital industries: oil production, mining, steelmaking, and auto manufacturing. “The Vargas years had their greatest impact on national politics and economics and their least impact at the local level” (Brazil, 2). In 1945 he left the presidency and served as a lawyer and lawmaker, but was elected again as president in free democratic elections in 1951. Three years later he committed suicide and shot himself. His suicide note became the political weapon against his opponents.
Vargas committed suicide when he was 72. In his suicide note he describes his main achievements as the president and dictator. Till the last day he had the strong beliefs and some of them were reflected in the note. Thus, Vargas believed the lack of confederation between 20 Brazilian states was one of the main problems in Brazil; he struggled against the power of large corporations, especially those of foreign origin; and wanted the Brazilians to be proud with their country and nationality. In the note he summarized his way as politician, and wrote about his opponents who tried to destroy everything he created. This was the call of desperate leader to his followers. “Nothing remains except my blood. I gave you my life, now I give you my death. I choose this way to defend you, for my soul will be with you, my name shall be a flag for your struggle.”(BBC, 1954)
As was stated above, the suicide note of Getulio Vargas was used as the instrument of political pressure. Despite his dictatorship within 15 years, he was very popular politician in the country. His new election in 1951, three years before his death, was a strong evidence of his popularity. Thus, his suicide caused the effect he wanted: he became the symbol of nation, and his political opponents lost almost all power in the country. For many years rightists, anti-nationalists and pro-United States political movements lost their popularity in Brazil. .
Despite the point of view, Getulio Vargas was an outstanding person. His governance shaped the modern state of Brazil. He knew his aim and he did everything to achieve it. His methods are still under discussion, but it is worth saying that even his suicide note served to him.

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