Buy an essay: Business Ethics and Physical Privacy. Education and drug testing

Education is essential for a successful professional development and career of students as well as for the personal development of students. However, often education involves a number of ethical issues, which offend students and discriminate them. In this regard, I can refer to my personal experience, namely drug testing, which students are obliged to pass to carry on their education. In actuality, students oppose to drug testing because they consider drug testing being offensive but still they have to pass the testing to continue their studying.
In actuality, the drug testing is justified by concerns with students’ health. The administration of our educational institution stands on the ground that students cannot use drugs. At first glance, this is a reasonable judgment but educators cannot take control over their students. Students are independent individuals, who have their own private life. Taking drugs is dangerous to students’ health but educational institutions have no legal right to conduct drug testing. At any rate, the drug testing should not lead to students’ dropouts.
In fact, the drug testing is positioned as a part of the corporate ethics. This means that the educational institution takes responsibility for the ethical behavior of students and taking drugs is not acceptable for the corporate ethics. However, such corporate ethics is doubtful so far because it offends students. Naturally, taking drugs is wrong but educators cannot decide for students how they should behave. What is meant here is the fact that educators should educate students, they should persuade them that taking drugs is wrong but they cannot introduce any punitive measures. First, students will feel that educators did wrong when dropped them out of the educational institution after they failed to pass a drug test. Second, students will remain unaware of the real danger of drugs and, instead of giving up taking drugs, they may start taking drugs on the regular basis because they have dropped out and cannot find their way in life, while drugs bring them relief and euphoria.
In fact, drug testing offends students because students feel being a sort of suspects. The introduction of drug testing implies that a priori students are taken for drug addicts. Obviously, such attitude to students from the part of the administration is offensive. Students feel that educators and the administration do not trust them. As a result, students grow uncertain in their future and many students simply attempt to transfer to avoid drug testing.
In addition, drug testing may be unreliable. For instance, taking medicaments may lead to the failure of drug testing by students. Students are conscious of the fact that, if they fail to pass drug testing they will drop out. However, if students have serious health problems they may take medication, which can lead them to the failure to pass drug testing. Obviously, students cannot sacrifice their health for the sake of passing drug testing.
Moreover, drug testing may need uncovering health history of students. For instance, many students may have some chronic disease, which may need specific treatment, including medication. As a result, these students may fail their drug test. However, to prove that they did not take drugs, they should uncover their health history, which though is their right to privacy violation. Students as well as other citizens have the right to keep confident information concerning their health in secret, whereas the administration just forces students to uncover their health history to prove that they did not take drugs.
Obviously, drug testing is the interference of the administration in the private life of students. This practice is offensive and students reject it and oppose it. Nevertheless, they have to obey facing a risk of dropping out. In such a situation, the educational institution should change its policies and stop drug testing. Instead, it would more rational and logical to introduce special educational program, where students can learn more information on drug addiction and the importance of prevention of drug addiction, especially among the youth.
Thus, it proves beyond a doubt that drug testing is discriminatory and students should not undergo the procedure of drug testing. They have the right to privacy and drug testing may affect their personal life and relationships with other people. In addition, there is no guarantee that the information on drug testing is safe. Therefore, there is a risk of information breaches that threaten to the future professional and personal life of students.

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