Buy an essay: Case Information networks as “enterprise glue”: information mobilization and deployment

In the contemporary business environment, the development of effective and reliable information systems is very important because information systems define, to a significant extent, the reliability of functioning of organizations and their relationships with stakeholders. At the same time, modern organizations tend to use modern, advanced information technologies, which though may have a dubious effect on the organizational performance. On the one hand, modern, advanced information technologies allow organizations to improve their performance consistently facilitating internal business processes and communication. On the other hand, new information technologies raise a problem of organizations being overwhelmed with information and the problem of the protection of private information of clients and organizations. In such a situation, organizations should develop reliable information systems and strategies to implement information technologies and related changes effectively. At this point, it is possible to refer to the EAC experience, which can help to understand possible flaws and threats the EAC may face in the course of implementation of new information technologies and using existing ones. Obviously, the reliability of information systems and information technologies is crucial for the overall success of business development but organizations have to be very careful, while applying information systems and information technologies to avoid possible pitfalls that naturally arise in the course of the implementation of new information technologies.
In actuality, the development of new information technologies contributes to the development of new effective technologies, which facilitate the business development. The emergence of information technologies raises the problem of the effective implementation of technologies and their adaptation to needs and wants of organizations, such as the EAC. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that modern organizations are overwhelmed with information and they need to process information effectively and adapt information technologies and information systems to their needs.
On analyzing the current situation in the EAC, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the EAC needs to develop effective information system and information technologies. In this regard, the EAC pays a particular attention to the communication strategy. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the communication strategy of the organization should also include communication intervals, progress report and status report from all levels back to the executive sponsor(s) for monitoring and fine tuning – the lack of autonomy of employees. In actuality, the communication strategy is very important in regard to the development of effective information systems and technologies. At the same time, the communication strategy defines, to a significant extent, the effectiveness of information technologies and information systems. The communication strategy facilitates the integration of new information technologies and helps the organization to adapt new technologies to its needs and requirements.
At the same time, employees also play an important part for the integration of information technologies in the contemporary business environment. The EAC faces a substantial problem in regard to its employees. To put it more precisely, today, the EAC faces the problem of the low confidence of employees in their importance for the company. In fact, employees fail to understand the further development of the organization and new information technologies, which are applied by the EAC. As the matter of fact, the EAC suffers from the problem of wide communication gaps between executives of the company and employees. As a result, the company suffers from the poor communication of new technologies to employees, whereas employees cannot use the full potential of new technologies because they do not know the significance of new technologies and their own role in the implementation of new technologies. Employees should be confident in their importance for the organization and their role in the implementation and using of new technologies. In such a way, the EAC has to overcome communication gaps and to increase confidence of employees in their importance for the organization and for the implementation of new technologies.

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