Buy an essay: Concept of Individual through the Medieval Writer’s Eyes

The theme of self significance, the ideas of fate and free will as well as the comparison and contrast of independence and dependence, self and selfness have already been discussed by many writers including the contemporary ones. However, it is interesting to analyze the literary works of those Medieval writers who were among the first to develop the philosophical ideas of self concept. My goal in this expository essay is show the concept of Medieval self by means of compare and contrast of such world-famous literary works as The Inferno by Dante and The Confessions of St. Augustine.
In order to achieve this goal my paper is organized in such a way that it has three main sections, one of which has some sub-sections. The Inferno by Dante is analyzed in the first section of my essay. Another literary work The Confessions of St. Augustine is discussed in the second section. The additional information which helps to develop the theme of my essay is given in the third section. My essay has a conclusion where the main points of my paper are summarized and the general comment about the Medieval self is given.
To my mind it is better to start with Dante’s ideas as this author is closer to our world perception. Moreover Dante’s creative work (1265-1321) became a so-called borderline between the Middle Ages period and the Renaissance of the world literature. Therefore, Dante’s version of the world still has the dark shadows of the Medieval literature, but at the same time it has some reflection of the Renaissance literature. (Hede)
It is known that at the time of the Renaissance the philosophy of humanism was on the first place in literature. Moreover, the concept of all the human beings including their actions and influence in the world, as well as their religious duty, were discussed in the literary works. The Medieval writers had “quite another concept”. (Hede) They believed that the human life was sinful and scornful and the only concern of people was their duty to God. Thus, Dante and the humanists have a lot of common ideas. For example, they prefer the classic style in their writing, they pay great attention to the significance of the higher education in their literary works. However, there is an obvious distinguishing feature: the important focus of God and the influence of the religion on human life.

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