Buy an essay: Cooking vs Dining out

Today there is a certain tendency of people dining out more often, contrary to the past times, when people went to dine out once in a while. Why this happens is not the subject matter of our essay. We will only try to compare eating at home with dining out.
The first argument that comes to our mind in advantage of eating at home is saving money. Usually, dishes in the restaurant are much more expansive compared to the same, cooked at home. The second reason is healthy lifestyle and health care. It is certainly a general knowledge that foods, prepared in restaurants and fast food cafes contain more fat, carcinogens and other hazardous substances. Eating at home is also important as it gathers all the family members and allows them to discuss their problems, questions and events of the day. And what’s even more important is that all the ingredients for cooking were specially selected by you and you know where they came from. If those ingredients are more refined food cooked from them gives more energy. In conclusion, eating at home is a good example to your children of how to maintain their health.
In contrast, the benefits of dining out are: for one that you don’t have to decide what ingredients you need to buy to cook a certain dish. What’s more, you don’t need to cook it by yourself and then wash the bowls, pans etc.. This means saving time and effort for other purposes. Some people are so busy on their work they prefer to get an easy dinner in a restaurant than to start cooking at home after work. That’s especially true for families where both parents are working. In addition, at a restaurant you can taste some exotic dishes which you are not able to cook at home due to the lack of skill or absence of certain ingredients.
In general, the decision to choose eating at home or dining out depends on the person’s lifestyle. To cook at home is good when you have free time and the desire to do it. Dining out, though it is more expansive, can save time for work and family.

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