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Language is one of the main means of communication between people. There are approximately 10 000 living languages and dialects exist on our planet. To make possible communication some people are studying new language; somebody moves and that is why he or she needs to understand language of their new country. At the same time every person normally trying to save his or her native language even if the family moved.
English is one of the international languages of nowadays. Millions of people speak English all over the world and some countries are using English as an official language (among them also Australia, Nigeria, Canada and India).
I am among those people who moved to English – speaking country. I moved to United States of America in the year 2007 at the age of fourteen. My native language and culture is Armenian. I love it and proud of my origins. Nevertheless, I understand that for living in United States I need to study English and to speak it well, so presently I speak different languages.
I speak Armenian at home with my family. My father has a deep respect to our native culture and he requires us – me and my mother – to speak pure Armenian to each other.
When I go out of my house I need to change and speak the language I hear all around me, I need to communicate with people in English. Official English helps me to communicate with almost everyone. Every day I meet pure Americans, international student, foreigners, teachers in school, possible friends and policemen; most of them can express themselves in official classical English. I speak this language as well.
Mostly I use the two languages in communication – official English and my native Armenian. When English language started being common to me I started mixing it unconsciously with Armenian. It happens because some words I hear every day and they became common to me. Moreover there are many different words that have no respective analogues in my language (for example, most of computer terms, names of American food, slang words). It is a reason why I started mixing English into Armenian language. I am free to do it when I talk to my mother because my father is the person with conservative mind. He does not appreciate such practice.
Every language has its non–official side. English language divides into official language and slang as well. Moreover, slang could also be devoted into slang of white people and so-called “black slang” – Ebonics and Pidgin English. This slang is common for African Americans. Sometimes I use slang in communication with my close friends but honestly it is separate part of English language that I need to handle with some time. Slang is confusing for me sometimes. It looks like funny story:
A teacher told my classmate: “Do you know your number facts?”; and a boy answered: “I been know them”. I don’t know if a teacher understood the boy in right way but I have no idea if he is all ready to take the test.
Nevertheless, it is always interesting and exciting for me to study new culture and new language. It makes our world variety and our mind is becoming more flexible. I am happy to live in the country where people of many cultures, languages and nations are living together.

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