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Nowadays, no one doubts that the IT service becomes a full participant in business, acting as a supplier of certain services to business entities, and relations between them are formalized as relations of “a service provider – a customer service.”
To start with, a business – unit formulates its demands to the spectrum of services and their quality, the company’s management determines the amount of funding to meet these requirements, and the IT department service supports and develops the information infrastructure of the enterprise so that it was able to provide the requested service with the specified quality.
This is a well-known fact that in order to provide effective help to end-users every organization should follow the next actions. This is necessary to create the conditions and to develop the guidelines that end users could get adequate support without resorting to outside help. It is important when users are able to get quick and accurate answers to their questions. Moreover, it is necessary to know for end-users that the type of service and the size of a help desk, which they provide ought to give them a prompt on what types of technologies will be perfect for the scenario they choose. The voice services manager, Sarsi R. Pablo stated that “Call center applications will be useful as a company expands its services, while saving on operational costs” (Bayan, 2003, para. 5).
It should be noted that there is a list of five success strategies, which every manager should follow to succeed in his business. The first one is to define the goals you want to come true. The second strategy is to understand your company’s clients. Anthony Lye said that “A help desk manager should begin by understanding both the customer and their environment” (Bayan, 2004). The third one is to hire skill sets. The fourth is to encourage the appropriate attitudes. And the last one is to start with a bright and successful future.
This is important to mention that the increase in the number of users, a variety of devices and the complexity of the technology are responsible for the adoption of a new support model that will provide some solution to this problem. Organizations must identify new criteria for success. It is necessary to support the continuous development towards the elimination of single points of a failure. As a result, support demands and labor costs will be reduced, as well as a user satisfaction will be increased.
In order to solve these problems and to give adequate technical support for the IT users it is necessary to adhere to the following strategies:
 start the training sessions or classes with the workers in the company on a monthly basis;
 talk to your employees and discuss the policies and problems of the company towards clients. For ex., how to manage with rude and not tolerant clients;
 the company’s clients should not wait for their answers for a long time;
 it is necessary to reduce the clients’ waiting on the line;
 hire more reliable and tolerant workers so that they could give exact and up-to-date information for customers.
These strategies are related to a sociotechnical structure because this term refers to the interaction of infrastructure elements of society, on the one hand, and the human behavior, on the other hand.
To conclude the above-stated information, it is possible to sum up that support service (technical support, helpdesk, service desk) is the service structure that resolves user problems with the computers, hardware and software. An important functional component of the ITIL is to allow identifying the problem areas of the IT infrastructure, assessing the effectiveness of the IT department.

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