Buy an essay: Governments should not restrict internet access

In this paper we are going to discuss a topic about the internet. The main aim of this paper is to find an answer on the question: Should governments restrict internet access? It is the question that has very disputable nature, because a combination of philosophical, religious and political perspectives is obvious to it. Moreover, in the beginning of our discussion it is necessary to say that the internet is an amazing thing. This is the largest decentralized structure that humanity has ever created. Thus, it is impossible to control it by governments without restriction. But is it necessary to control it exactly by governments? And why is it so?
It seems to be right to say that governments should not restrict internet access and there are many reasons for such statement. First of all let us think about the main function of the internet in contemporary world.
To date, everyone can connect to the Internet. This can be done with any computer that has the appropriate software and a modem connected to a switched telephone line or other kind of connection. Now, the user has no necessity to know exactly how the computer network is constructed and the principles on which it operates. It is necessary to press “Connect” and you are online and ready to find information and talk to people. In such a way, the main internet function is to spread information and allow people to communicate with each other. Vast majority, and internet users are among them, know that free access to information is a human right and it should not be sanctioned or restricted in any case. Unfortunately, the internet is a place where as in life is something to be proud of and something to be ashamed of. There is a lot of valuable information, thoughtful, analytical articles, games and entertainment, but also a lot of information that has questionable and offensive character. Exactly these moments are principal among the variety of reasons about the necessity of the internet restriction. Thus, actuality of the “internet question” is impossible to overestimate.
One states that the internet is the best platform to spread “subversive” facts and ideas about the state and governments afraid of such possibility of people to access to this kind of information without any limitations. It is necessary to add that the internet restriction is a step to limit people’s possibility to know more and be free in their thoughts and actions.
The internet access should be free for all people, because restriction of free access to the internet is a kind of violation of the right of free speech. But it is impossible to be silent about the fact that some frames of the internet content control should be used, because not only adults use it, but also young people and children who should be protected from the internet virtual “garbage”.
Taking into account the last statistical data we can make a conclusion that almost four in five respondents said that the internet provides new perspectives of communication and gives greater freedom, while overwhelming majority (almost 90 percent) stated that the internet is a great learning resource for them. Thus, restriction of the internet access will be a kind of information vacuum for many people and we should not allow this fact to have a place in our life.
In conclusion, the answer on the main question of this paper is “no”, governments should not restrict internet access and should not “regulate” the internet.

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