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Hershey Food Corp. is one of the leaders of chocolate and candy industry. The company has an extensive experience of operations and attempts to maintain its leading position in the industry. In this regard, today, the company faces a strengthening competition but still it maintains its competitive position focusing on its core products as the foundation to its further, ongoing growth.
At this point, the company has to take into consideration internal and external elements, which affect the organizational performance consistently and influence the competitive position of the company. On analyzing internal elements that influence the current position of the company, it is worth mentioning the competition within the industry. In actuality, the competition grows because companies operating in the chocolate and candy industry have larger opportunities for the international market expansion. The process of globalization facilitates the development of their operations internationally. In such a situation, Hershey Food Corp. has to take the lead and expands its markets internationally to maintain the competitive position in the industry.
In this regard, companies developing their manufacturing facilities in developing countries are in a particularly difficult position due to lower costs of the labor force. Companies develop the cheap production in countries of the third world and expand their markets. Hershey attempts to implement this strategy as well but, unlike less renowned companies, Hershey Food Corp. has certain advantages due to the popularity of its brand and its international recognition. As a result, the company can save costs on the promotion because customers know the brand and products of Hershey. Moreover, the company can use the existing projects of promotional campaigns, which have proved to be efficient, saving costs on the development of new promotional campaigns. In such a context, the focus of the company on its traditional core products is reasonable because they do not need to introduce brand new products, unknown to customers. Instead, the company just needs to maintain the existing products and update them to attract customers to them.
As for external elements, they are also very significant in the contemporary business environment. In this regard, health concerns of consumers are the major factor that affects consistently the position of the company in the market. As the matter of fact, consumers believe that chocolate and candies may have a negative impact on their health. Therefore, Hershey has to debunk stereotypes and to persuade the public that its products are safe.
In addition, the recent economic recession has deteriorated the dynamic of the business development of the company. In fact, the economic recession has decreased the buying power of customers. Customers prefer to save their money, minimizing their spending. As a result, the company faces difficulties with maintaining its competitive position in the time of economic recession. In such a context, the focus on traditional core products is right again because, in the time of instability and crisis, customers prefer products which they are certain in and which quality they can rely upon.
Thus, the current competitive position of Hershey Food Corp. is strong but the company needs to expand its markets internationally to maintain its competitive position. In actuality, the company faces the major problem in regard to its competition with companies strengthening their position in developing countries, where the labor force is cheap. As for external factors, concerns of consumers with their health and the recent economic recession threaten to the position of the company. Nevertheless, its strategy of focusing on core products is right.

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