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Business intelligence facilitates business development. At the same time, business intelligence is an effective tool that helps companies to conduct an in-depth analysis of their marketing and competitive position and elaborate adequate and effective marketing strategies. In actuality, business intelligence can involve a variety of, strategies, tools and methods but there is no universal strategy, tool or method that can be applied with equal success to all companies and organizations. Instead, each company should develop the business intelligence strategy that meets its own needs and expectations.
In this regard, I would refer to my personal experience of conducting business intelligence. First of all, I focused on the elaboration of intelligence search strategy. In fact, I used open sources available to me to conduct business intelligence. At first, I used the simplest and probably the most popular search tool – googling. To put it more precisely, I used several search engines to conduct my business intelligence, including Google, Yahoo, and some others. In addition, I used available online resources, such as news websites, business websites, and others. In such a way, I attempted to obtain the expert opinion on target companies and issues I attempted to explore in terms of my business intelligence. Furthermore, I used online libraries and print resources to collect more information on target companies and issues under my research. I used different resources to obtain possibly diverse information on the subject of my business intelligence.
Therefore, respectively to business intelligence strategy I have chosen, I used a variety of tools in terms of intelligence search strategy. To put it more precisely, while using search engines, I compared the results I found with the help of search engines and summoned them up. I attempted to identify the similar information that I found using different search engines to check the extent to which the information is correct, although I was conscious of the fact that such analysis was quite superficial but, at any rate, I minimized the risk of obvious errors. In addition, I focused on the use of official and reliable websites. For instance, if I looked for some information on the specific company I preferred using the official website of the company and its rivals. Also I used government websites and reliable websites of online mass media, including reliable news websites and business websites. Also I used journal articles and other print media as well as material available in online libraries to gather more information on the subject of my business intelligence. On collecting the abundance of information, I processed it to make definite conclusions concerning the target company and issues involved in the business intelligence.
However, frankly speaking I used the external assistance to conduct my business intelligence. To put it more precisely, I referred to experts, namely I asked for the assistance of a professional manager, who have the experience of business intelligence. Even though the manager was not really proficient in this field, but she conducted business intelligence in the real life situation and her experience and opinion have proved to be very important for me. Naturally, I attempted to collaborate with my peers to get more insights on business intelligence strategy and tools that was also quite helpful for me.
I spent about a week on colleting and processing information in terms of my business intelligence. However, I still had some dead ends. For instance, I failed to obtain the full information on my target company because I was not authorized to have access to information related to current business performance and clientele of the company. Nevertheless, the information I collected was significant and allowed me to make conclusions on the current situation in the market and the position of the target company I studied in terms of my business intelligence.
At the same time, I came to unexpected breakthroughs in the course of business intelligence. For instance, I found that the target company fails to provide third parties with detailed information on its current performance. I found out that the external analysis is not always enough to complete business intelligence successfully. Finally, I faced the problem of business ethics principles to interfere into business intelligence.
Hence, I developed several suggestions, which can be helpful for business intelligence. First, business intelligence should be ethically and legally correct. Second, one should not fully rely on one tool entirely. Third, one should avoid biased and prejudiced views while conducting business intelligence. Four, business intelligence should be grounded on real facts. Finally, business intelligence should be conducted both internally and externally.

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