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In actuality, technical support sites can provide users with efficient and useful assistance from the part of professionals. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that many technical support websites provide information and assistance free of charge and users can benefit from using internet to solve their problems (Behzad, 2003). In this respect, I could refer to my personal experience, when I used a technical support website to make a decision on whether to purchase an eye-tracking camera to install on my computer or not. In fact, I needed not just a piece of advice on whether to buy the eye-tracking camera but, instead, I needed an extensive explanation of pros and contras of buying the eye-tracking camera and its possible effects on my computer, my work on the computer and, what was the most important for me, on the security of my computer.
In order to make a decision, I decided to refer to the Tech Support Guy website, which provides effective assistance on issues similar to the one I have used the website for. In fact, I had no difficulties with using the website because the navigation of the website is simple, whereas the design of the website is user-friendly. In such a way, I could share my ideas on the purchase of the eye-tracking camera and ask for the detailed and argumentative explanation of reasons for or against the purchase of the camera.
In fact, I considered the eye-tracking camera installation because I believed that it could be an effective tool that can protect my computer and personal data from information breaches. In addition, it was very convenient to use the eye-tracking camera and I believed that the eye-tracking camera could replace successfully the conventional camera I used. However, I had some doubts concerning the installation of the eye-tracking camera on my computer because it was a relatively new tool and I have never used it neither did my friends. So, I could not make a decision because I was uncertain in the reliability and effectiveness of the eye-tracking camera.
This is why I decided to use the Tech Support Guy website to get detailed information on pros and contras of the eye-tracking camera and get the opinion of an expert on this issue. To my surprise, the information I found out with the help of the website was quite unexpected and increased my doubts in regard to purchasing the eye-tracking camera. To put it more precisely, I found out that the eye-tracking camera offers a new way to control users’ computers. In such a way, the website provided me with food for thought because I considered to purchase the eye-tracking camera to increase the security of my computer. At the same time, I was not really disappointed in my findings but still I came to the conclusion that the opinion of experts was right because they provided me with detailed information and their arguments to support their position (Andrew, 2003). In this respect, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that experts on the Tech Support Guy website did not impose their opinion on me. Instead, they just offered me their ideas and considerations in regard to the issue and evaluated both pros and contras of purchasing the eye-tracking camera, whereas it was up to me to make a definite conclusion on whether to purchase or not the camera.
On obtaining the information from the website, I decided to postpone the purchase of eye-tracking camera to install on my computer. In fact, I believe this was a rational and right decision because I took the decision on the ground of detailed analysis of the issue conducted by different specialists on the website. As a result, it was not a spontaneous or emotional decision. In stark contrast, it was a decision that was taken on profound reflections and on obtaining the position of experts on the issue.
Basically, I believe that technical support websites, such as Tech Support Guy website, are very useful and helpful because they allow obtaining detailed information on issues users are interested in and cannot figure out on their own. What is meant here is the fact that users can refer to technical support websites, when the issue is too complex and they have problems with taking a decision or making some changes in their hardware or software. They can receive detailed information from experts on technical support websites and take a decision on their own, whether to take into consideration the opinion of experts or not. As for me, I made the decision on my own but the information obtained from experts was very important and played the determinant part in my decision on refusing from purchasing the eye-tracking camera. At any rate, one can always make his or her choice but opinion of experts may be very helpful.

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