Buy an essay: Mike Duke is the current CEO of Wal-Mart

Mike Duke is the current CEO of Wal-Mart, who has managed to reach a tremendous success in the company. Mike Duke has proved to be a true leader of the company and he holds his position without facing any substantial challenges from the part of potential rivals. In this regard, his personal and leadership inclinations, skills and abilities have proved to be particularly important. Mike Duke is a bold and reflective leader.
On the one hand, he needs time to take the adequate and proper decision but, on the other hand, the time he spends on taking decision is worth the decision he takes. Probably, his inclination to profound reflection is not appropriate to the contemporary business environment because today business develops fast. Nevertheless, right decisions being taken by Mike Duke are the best response to the criticism he has suffered from. In fact, if he takes the decision he will do his best to implement it, regardless of opposition or barriers that arise in the course of the implementation of the decision.
Furthermore, Mike Duke is systematic and he always focuses on the elaboration of accurate plans of the strategic development of the organization. At the same time, he encourages creative work of his subordinates because he believes that it is due to the creative work the company can succeed and make a breakthrough in its business development, holding the leading position in the market.
Thus, Mike Duke is the CEO and leader of Wal-Mart. He leads the company toward success and motivates his subordinates to work effectively and creatively.

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