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To become a great educator, one should possess certain inner qualities that are necessary for motivating students, inspiring them and helping them to move forward. Of course, knowledge of the subject and erudition are a must for any good educator, but there are numerous examples of people who are extremely good professionals and can do their job best of all, but cannot teach effectively because they lack certain personal characteristics. And vise versa, there are many people whose set of knowledge is not so large but they have an engaging personality and can inspire students to learn and to succeed.
Among inner qualities that I value in a good educator and that I would like to possess in 5 years there are many qualities: openness to changes, charismatic personality, calmness and self-awareness, sense of humor, good presentation skills etc. It is difficult to define only four qualities since all these qualities form a certain type of personality. However, I would like to concentrate on such inner qualities as empathy, positive attitude to life, respect for other people and the wish to learn during the whole life. Let us discuss why I have chosen this particular qualities.
First of all, empathy is a must for a good educator because he should sense the needs of the student and select the right approach to each student, and to each group of students. Empathy allows a great teacher to select the right pace of learning and the right activities for students. Without empathy, the teacher cannot understand feelings and emotions of the students and cannot actually succeed.
Positive attitude to life allows a good educator to find the best qualities in the students and to believe in their success. Even if the students are making mistakes now and have some negative qualities, they will be motivated to become better if their teacher can see better qualities. Positive attitude is also necessary for a teacher to be passionate about own work and to show the direction to better to the students.
Respectful attitude is also a must for a teacher, because without respect, he won’t be able to find contact with students and to treat them equally. Only the understanding that all people are equal, and that no one is superior will allow a teacher to seek approach to every student, and to look for the hidden talents in each of them.
Finally, the wish to learn is the main driver that makes a teacher progress, both in the subject he is dealing with, and in the art of teaching as well. Good educators learn from the interaction with the students, and accept all life situations as the chance to understand something new. This passion for learning, if it is present, inspires students and helps them to be interested in learning, too. Without this passion, it will be hard for an educator to ignite the students’ interest to learning. Thus, all four qualities mentioned above are important for a good educator, and I hope to possess all these inner qualities in 5 years.

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