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Describe the activity you chose and why?
I decided to go to a restaurant because I like exotic cuisine and I have never had the experience of going to a kosher restaurant. In addition, people, including me, enjoying eating. So, I decided it would be a pleasant experience for me.
What type of place did you choose to experience and why?
I decided to dine at a kosher restaurant because I like original cuisine and I have a friend of mine, who has already attended a kosher restaurant and he has enjoyed it so much. So, I decided to have new experience and dine at a kosher restaurant.
What did you observe?
I found the kosher restaurant I attended quite noteworthy, although there were not many clients. Nevertheless, the ambiance was calm and pleasant. The quality of service was high, waiters were attentive and did their job well, while the cuisine was a bit unusual but tasty.
What did you find surprising or unexpected?
The most surprising was that some clients of the restaurants have quite unusual clothes, which, as far as I understood, meet the dress code of their religion. Also, I was a bit surprised that meat and fish was served separately and waiters hesitated before serving me both dishes and refused to serve them together.
Did you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Why?
Frankly speaking, I felt comfortable. Naturally, I was a little bit confused because I did not know specific traditions and specificities of kosher restaurants. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant and tasty dinner in a new restaurant for me.
Did this experience change your views about the people whom you observed? If so, how?
This experience changed my views about the people attending this restaurant because I understood that their religion is not just the matter of faith but it is their lifestyle.
What did you learn from this experience?
I learned the importance of traditions and their power over people, who stick to kosher diet solely, in spite of the variety of cuisines.
How could your workplace benefit because you had this type of an experience?
I guess this experience would bring in more tolerance in my workplace.
Why do you feel that employers would seek and value employees with this diverse experience?
Tolerance is very important in the contemporary multicultural environment (Wilkins, 1999).
Identify at least two reasons why organizations benefit from having a diversity-conscious culture.
A diversity conscious culture contributes to positive interpersonal relations within organizations and decreases the risk of conflicts (Peters, 2007).
Prior to this experience did you have a stereotype of the people you observed in this activity?
I was a bit biased believing that only orthodox Judaists attend such places on the regular basis but I found many average people, who simply enjoyed the kosher diet and ambiance of the kosher restaurant.

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