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Every child is unique by his/her nature and seeks to be valued, secured and appreciated. Children need a caring, loving, stimulating and secure environment in which to develop intellectually, emotionally and socially. This is a well-known fact that children grow and develop themselves only in a respectful and safe atmosphere.
Thus, the educators should organize such an environment in which every child will have an incentive to develop and learn new things about our world. The educator’s goals are to develop children’s potential, to educate a deep respect and love to people, as well as our environment, to make them feel safe, to encourage the dialogue between children as it develops cognitive thinking, to recognize different family values and adhere to them, to create confident citizens to the community, to stimulate them to improve their knowledge in all spheres of life. Moreover, it is useful to apply different integrated units, themes, and projects, individual or group work to make children actively involved in the learning process. This is necessary to pay attention to the organic combination of teaching and training. The values and beliefs of the program consist of the fact that children would not only receive an intellectual and social training, but would also learn how to socialize effectively as children have the needs for self-identity in order to create good self-esteem.
To sum up the above-stated information, it is possible to conclude that training is a purposeful process of bilateral activities of an educator and a child. Teaching is a lifelong process about new strategies and new philosophies. As a result, it provides a good opportunity for uninterrupted growth and learning. One of the main goals of the educators is to instill into children a love of learning and the best of moral principles and to educate responsible citizens of our society.

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