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Prohibiting New Day Nurseries at High Park Avenue
The Toronto local government has prohibited organizing new daycares on High Park Avenue by a number of reasons. Excessive number of day nurseries interferes with the normal regime of life of the local dwellers and creates “significant off-site impacts” (Spears, 2009).
First of all, they involve intensive development of infrastructure. This means that traffic becomes heavier and thus the neighborhood becomes noisier. Noise can be also disturbing when a great number of children are romping on the playgrounds.
Traffic also influences the environment, as the air becomes polluted and together these consequences result in the health of the dwellers changing for the worse. The problem of parking becomes urgent as well, as parents need to bring children and to take them home every day.
Furthermore, a group of day nurseries was going to open a number of shops. It is comfortable for the staff and for parents, but at the same time it becomes an overload for neighborhood, while lots are rather narrow. The street becomes commercialized and it bothers the dwellers.
In this way the total street turns into chaos. “The street is vulnerable in that the big houses can be an attraction for a big, romping daycare”, the local counselor reported (Spears, 2009). The neighbors suffer from stress as they are deprived of “enjoyment of their private outdoor amenity space” (Spears, 2009).
Finally, the active build-up creates a threat to the unique architecture of the district and nobody wants the valuable heritage of the city to be destroyed and the character of the High Park Avenue to be changed.

Spears, J. (2009, May 28). High Park Street gets limit on daycares. Toronto Star.

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