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According to religion, all people and all races have one common forefather. Does modern science agree with this point of view? Does it make sense to speak of races and genetic level? What evidence do scientists have that the conception of “race” is socially constructed? What are the social justice implications of classifying people according to a race?
According to biology we cannot consider race a valid biological category. Nevertheless, it is still important as a category that is constructed socially. United States’ Census divides people in to race based groups. What was used for that kind of division? It was visible physical differences like eyes and nose shape, texture and color of hair, color of skin, body type etc.
According to Bayor (2003) the term “race” is contains “any (essentializing) of groups of people which held them to display inherent, heritable, persistent or predictive characteristics, and which thus had a biological or quasi-biological basis”.
Different attempts to distinct humans into racial groups are not successful. There is lack of scientific validity to approve those claims. Let us discuss two reasons why it is hard to refer to science in this question.
First scientific fact is following. The racial classification of humans undertakes the existence of the pure phenotypes. It is rather to make it a proved fact. Scientists did not find modern pure phenotype; some of them could only find conceivable the assumption that the pure phenotype had existed thousands of years ago on the very first stage of humanity. It is almost impossible today to sort humans out purely according to phenotypic characteristic because of biological intermixing of obviously different phenotypes. Today this process is active as never before due to the world wide globalization. People are moving, migrating, mixing with other people with different phenotypes, culture and life style. The fact that biologically people of different phenotypes may intermix easily (they can work together, create families and give birth to healthy children and do many other things) could be an indirect evidence that rigid racial division was created artificially by people themselves but not by nature and biology.
Let us discuss second scientific evidence. Very often those people who has physically identical characteristic are differently classified by the social position in their social group. This social classification ignores all claims that racial division is based on biology. Let us mention one more fact. Knoppers (2003) stated that Japanese and Koreans could be classified in to one racial group easily. Nevertheless, they consider themselves two absolutely different races because of “blood affinities”. The size of this paper does not allow us to discuss other numerous examples of races that separate themselves from similar groups because of social believes and narrow-mindedness. There is one of the true scientific facts about humans that were approved: all people on the planet are 99.9% genetically identical, whether they want to accept it or not. The romantic idea of Bible that we all belong to one big family has a strong scientific foundation. Thus, various divisions of humans are remnants of the past.
Concluding this paper we can make the following finding: according to science there is the only one race on the earth – human race; it means that all people should study how to live in peace with each other, in spite of any physical characteristic.

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