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This research proposal is devoted to studying the problems with student parking in the University area. The main thesis of the research is that the Houston University campus is not equipped with parking, which creates problems for students and teachers, and especially for students with special needs. The research aims to clarify the stage of the problem and provide a research to find out the state of parking in the University campus in Houston. The research proposal includes a general coverage of the problem and its identification, a review of a similar problem in other U.S. universities campus and a study of this problem in the area of the Houston University.
A review of the issue and its status is followed by research itself. The research methodology includes an analysis of the relevance and importance of the problem by interviewing students and faculty members at the Houston University. Based on review of the problem, its clarification and research it is necessary to formulate the possible solutions to the problem.

The research is aimed to study the problem of good parking in the Houston University campus. The focus of this study is a common problem of lack of parking space and parking places in the area of the University. This topic is not new but is quite relevant, because the above stated problem is important and urgent for both students and teachers, as it prevents the normal organization of life and work in the campus.
The University of Houston, which was founded in 1927, is in fact the largest university in the city of Houston. Every year it has about 35 000 students and provides student all the necessary conditions for the learning process: it has a 667-acre campus which offers all the amenities and high-tech facilities required by modern university life, including the system of transportation and parking for students and teachers. ()
But the actual situation shows that parking at the university campus does not meet present requirements, that is, the number of actual places is twice less than it is necessary. In fact, the problem is quite acute for students, as is evidenced by the numerous complaints from students. In confirmation of this can be called a petition, which was written by university students to draw attention to the problem. In the petition, the students indicate states: “each year we students pay hundreds of dollars for parking that is lacking at times to say the least. It seems that we almost have to get to campus at 6:30 or 7 am to even have a chance at an available spot. Our money should be going towards creating more parking for the students. Each day we all leave work or our homes about 30 to 45 minutes before we should due to this parking problem.” (
The students use the collective appeal, hoping to draw attention to their problem. They use their active position and emphasize their right to comfortable learning environment. They state that: “we the students, require that something be done about the continuing parking problem for the university of houston main campus. Create more parking spaces to solve this problem, and offer the shuttling system that frequents local pick-up areas at additional lots. This will be more convienient and cost effective than driving and searching for places to park near campus. The money we pay each semester should go toward solving this parking problem, and should be addressed as quickly as possible.” (
Thus, the petition as a collective form of treatment and expression of the problem shows the importance and urgency of the problem of parking in the Houston University campus for many students.

To study the problem and possible ways to solve it is proposed to conduct a survey among students in order to clarify the situation, to find out the following:
– what actual parking problems students have and how it affects the learning process;
– what student see as a possible way to improve the parking process;
– how many parking places should be added for the solution of the problem;
– what other equipment is needed to improve the parking area and parking process.
This survey will be conducted among university students during the month. During this time, the research team will interview about 300-500 students and find out their views on the issue, their wishes and propositions. This method of research, namely, the survey, is the most appropriate and effective way to conduct research, as it allows gathering objective information from the participants of the problem themselves. Also, this method will help to ascertain the wishes of students, that later will be considered in the future process of finding a solution to the problem situation in the Houston University campus.
This survey will be conducted among university students during the month. This period is chosen to allow members of the research team to interview 300-500 students, that is, from 10 to 20 students a day.
Thus, this research is aimed to study the situation and problems with parking at the University of Houston campus. The study is expected to receive objective and sufficient information on the problem in order to further find possible solutions to it.

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