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Safety is the basis of liberty in our society. People need to have a feeling of safety, because if they are unable to feel secure, their ability to work effectively will be decreased to some degree. Also it is necessary to remember that country and its legislation should protect own citizens from violence and exactly with this purpose the Second Amendment states that people should have an individual right to keep and bear firearms unconnected with service in militia, and to use it for traditionally lawful purposes, such as defense of own or somebody’s else life within the home.
Statistical data shows that states that make it legal for everyone to openly carry guns less suffer from crime and owners of firearms much less become the victims of robberies and assaults. It is also necessary to mention that the use of firearms as a means of self-defense rarely ends with the bloodshed. Also official statistics of developed countries demonstrated that the level of killings and violence greatly increased by toughening the right to possess arms.
Analyzing contemporary situation in educational system and remembering last events and school shootings it seems a justified measure that some states are proposing legislation that would make it legal for teachers to have guns in their classrooms. In my opinion, the duty of educational system is not only to educate young people, but also to protect their life and health during the educating process. I advocate the point of view that safety is an integral part of education and teachers should be also responsible not only for knowledge but also for own and students’ protection.
Thus, new laws about guns possession should take care of people and their safety and also need to protect people from unnecessary guns use increasing the population general literacy in this question. By creating a safer environment, we allow people to be more focused on own achievements and, in any case, it only benefits society.

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