Buy an essay: “Structural Wave” by Jarrod Taylor

In this essay I’m going to discuss the kind of wave that was a huge public and media hit presented at the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Thus, the speech will be about “Structural Wave” by Jarrod Taylor.
Jarrod Taylor is a creative person who doesn’t afraid of difficulties and likes to create something new and incredible. Thinking about Taylor’s education it is necessary to mention that he was studied Fine Arts at Claremont School of Art and achieved a Diploma in this area under Artists, Frank Wilkinson, Stuart Elliot, George Haynes and Leon Kalimaris with a sculptural and painting major. Thus, we see that Taylor is a single-minded person. His great project “Structural Wave” is a kind of answer to the nature, because nature is all in our life and man is nothing in this context. Thinking about the last disasters troubled by the sea this statement found its new life and inspired many creative personalities to remind people about this fact in possible for them way.
In my opinion “Structural Wave” has a deep sense in the base of its creation, because it has not only interesting construction, but also considered a combination of two jobs in one that was never done before. As for me it is an attempt to use ugly forms with an aim to make them pleasant for people and give them an opportunity to feel aesthetical pleasing feelings near this sculpture.
In conclusion, I want to say that I like the sculpture “Structural Wave” by Jarrod Taylor and not only due its giant size and unusual construction, but also due its creative message: the element of water (wave in our case) symbolizes the motherly world, born out of all the things that we see around us. The element of water represents primarily the past. Water has the ability to memorize information, and convert it into the air mental images, thus the sculpture is a wonderful reminder for people.

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