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Studying abroad is always challenging in a number of aspects. I wish to study abroad because every person who has ever thought about own career understands: in order to create a future with own hands, it is necessary to lay the building blocks of own success right from the beginning. I am ready to study abroad in spite the fact that I am leaving friends and family behind and diving into an absolutely new cultural and study environment.
Justifying my big wish to study abroad it is necessary to add that I want to have the chance to meet new friends from different countries, with diverse values and beliefs. I am really sure this chance will broaden my cultural awareness and help me to see the world from a completely new perception.
I choose Spain as a country where I am going to study Spanish, because I am very interested in languages and, moreover, my first language is Russian, but I also can fluently speak English, Ukrainian, some French and Spanish. In my opinion, Spanish is a very beautiful language that is becoming more and more widespread in North America, for example. I want to be able to fluently converse with other people who speak Spanish, to understand their humor and idioms. And like any young person I seriously think about my future career perspectives, thus studying abroad gives everyone the unique opportunity to receive daily language practice, as well as live communication directly with native speakers. So, maybe one day, in the future I will live and work somewhere in Florida or Texas, California or Arizona, where the knowledge of Spanish is very helpful.
Describing my future study abroad program I want to say that it will be 5 weeks of intensive Spanish study in Alicante and 1 week in Madrid. The choice of such program seems the most reasonable for me, because exactly intensive language study can bring a positive result.
Thus, I dream to become a successful person. I want to be independent and to be free to live my life in the way I consider right. I want to have an opportunity to improve my language skills and to realize them in practice. I want to have a job that I like because carrier is one of the most important and inalienable part of a person’s life. I am sure that studying abroad will help me to get new knowledge and will show me a number of possible opportunities to achieve my goals. I want to finish my essay with sure that I made the right choice and time of studying abroad will give me great opportunities and brilliant future.

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