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The concept of consent is very important in the contemporary healthcare environment. The study of the concept of consent is particularly important because the clarification and accurate interpretation of this concept will minimize the risk of error being made by nurses and other health care professionals in relation to patients and it will minimize the risk of the violation of basic rights of patients, such as the right to privacy.
Today, the concept of consent may have different interpretations. For instance, some specialists (Brennan, 1997,. p. 479) distinguish the concept of informed consent, which is probably used to precise the traditional definition of concept. Therefore, the further research is needed to provide the full definition of the concept of consent and possible variations or derivatives of this concept.
The accurate definition of the concept of consent is crucial because it is the patients’ right to privacy and health that are at stake. In fact, patients should be aware of the treatment proposed by health care professionals and they should give their consent consciously being aware of possible effects of their consent. Thus, health care professionals will increase the confidence of patients and minimize the risk of error or professional negligence from the part of health care professionals.
Finally, the accurate definition of the concept of consent is essential from the legal standpoint (Davis, et al., 2006, p.144) because the violation of the concept of consent involves not only ethical but also legal issues health care professionals are responsible for and should be aware of. Therefore, the role of the concept of consent can hardly be underestimated in the contemporary health care setting.

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