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21 century is called the era of information and computer technologies that have become part of people’s lives. It is difficult to overestimate the role and significance of computers and the Internet in the modern world, because life without them is simply not possible to imagine.
The rapid development of Internet technology and its wide dissemination has greatly changed modern society, and largely determines and affects the lives of modern people. One can not say what more brings us the network – good or bad, but now people have new opportunities to communicate, work and play. Internet facilitates the process of world globalization, the boundaries between countries and people are becoming thinner and almost disappeared. Now people from different countries, from different continents can easily share information, photos, and even work together.
The main function of the World Wide Web is to inform people, as Internet can be viewed as a huge repository of information, and plus to this it is a mass medium, and even global communication, that brings together all the world’s information resources into a single system. In addition to receiving any information (including real-time), the Internet attracts more and more with opportunity to communicate. And one of the latest trends in the 21st century is global enthusiasms about social networks.
Now a lot of research and literature is devoted to studying the influence of social networks on society, on communication and work of people. Most of them are focused on the impact of social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) on reshaping cultural norms, communication patterns and social interaction. In my opinion, social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have won millions of fans as they give people an opportunity to socialize. I will bring such arguments:
– With the help of social networks people unite in interest groups, find associates and exchange ideas. Everyone in the network has the opportunity to express their views, find people to chat on any topic.
– Within the network it is easier for people to communicate, because there is no direct contact, and also there is the illusion of anonymity, however, many allow themselves to speak and write in the network anything, even things that they would never say in real life.
– The social networks people can make new friends (some and most people hope that the relations in the network will grow into a real communication).
– people can find their friends and acquaintances, contacts, which has long been lost (old friends, first love, etc.)
Thus, communication through the Internet makes it possible to become what people want to be, or to increase their value and self-esteem, or simply compensate the lack of friends and social communication. This is a function of socialization people through the social networks, as it is well known that most people suffer from a lack of communication, associates and friends. But I can also say with certainty that people more live in a world of fantasy and virtual communication, become part of a certain social group (community),through which they receive social support, where they have the opportunity to offset their need for communication. This is certainly not a good side of such virtual communication. As an example I can speak about some of my friends, who after studying in the evening are not going out with friends, they not so often communicate with neighbors and friends, replacing the live communication with virtual. What could cause this trend is not yet clear, but it is clear that the social networks already have too much influence on the lives of modern people, especially young people, and to stop this trend is already impossible.

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