Buy an essay: The Internet as social media: connectivity and immediacy

Today, the emergence of social networks and social media contribute to consistent changes in the modern society. In fact, social media has changed the life of people consistently because they have opened lager opportunities for communication and sharing information. Moreover, social media have eliminated physical frontiers between people. Today, people can communicate closely regardless of physical distance between them, while information can be shared almost instantly due to the development of modern information technologies and modern telecommunication systems. In such a situation, people have started to create virtual communities, while social networks and social media became efficient tools that facilitated the emergence of virtual communities and helped people to form socially significant units at the national and international levels. Social media have proved to be able to influence, if not to say, shape the public opinion that made social media extremely influential not only in the social life of people but also in the political life. At the same time, the emergence of new information technologies, telecommunication systems and social media contributed to the fast development of e-business that naturally raised the question concerning the impact of social media on business. In this regard, the impact of social media on business can be two fold. On the one hand, social media can change business fundamentally and lead to qualitative changes in business and business development as well as in the role of business in the life of the modern society, whereas, on the other hand, social media can fail to change business fundamentally, but, instead, they become an efficient tool used by business to perform its traditional functions and reach its traditional goals and the second option is likely to occur judging from current trends in the development of e-business.
On analyzing the current situation, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that social media keep progressing today. The emergence of social networks and their popularity stimulates the further development of social media. As a result, social media have already become an integral part of the life of the modern society. People cannot live without social media, which they take for granted and the communication and sharing information within social media have already become routine, regular activity of many individuals. Social media eliminate not only physical boundaries between people, national frontiers but also they eliminate social differences and allow people with different views share information, present their beliefs and views and develop some common concepts, ideas and even take decisions. In fact, the development of social media contributed to the fast development of virtual communities. However, today, virtual communities have already started to influence the real life due to the progress of social media.

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