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Traditionally, Christian values were very strong in the American society. At the same time, Americans have never had homogeneous views on Christian values, whereas many Americans developed their own views, including religious ones. Nevertheless, they often confronted the pressure from the part of the public and their environment because they often had to oppose their views and beliefs to Christian ones, which were and still are dominating in the American society. In this respect, it is possible to refer to such films as “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Malcolm X”, which portray individuals, whose life and work affected consistently the entire society and often challenged traditional Christian values but, on the other hand, developed in the context of Christian values.
In this respect, it is possible to dwell upon the film “The People vs. Larry Flynt”, because Larry Flynt is one of the most controversial figures in the modern American history. On the one hand, Larry Flynt argues that he is a true Christian and respect fundamental Christian values, whereas, on the other hand, his entire life is full of controversial actions and his set of values is quite arguable from a Christian point of view. For instance, the film uncovers the philosophy of Larry Flynt, according to which a murder is illegal but if you take a photo of it you can win a Pulitzer Prize; sex is legal, but if you take a photo of it you can get a term in prison. Obviously, this philosophy and this set of values contradict to Christian values. On the other hand, this philosophy reveals the growing impact of consumerism on the American society and its overwhelming impact on people, including Larry Flynt. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that Larry Flynt had proved to be a successful businessman famous for his “Hustler” magazine, which brought him fame and wealth.
At the same time, tragic events in his life, like the death of his beloved and the attempt of his assassination changed his life. The film shows that Jimmy Carter helps Flynt to give his life to Jesus and religious influence can be traced in the life of Flynt, including his magazine “Hustlers”. However, traditional, true Christian values are still quite weak and come into clashes with the past life of Flynt. Therefore, even though Larry Flynt pretends to be a devoted Christian, he still preserves his philosophy and fails to respect traditional Christian values. Larry Flynt cannot stay above the fight and he always gets involved in some troubles, including numerous lawsuits and almost permanent struggle in the court with the state or individuals, who file lawsuits against him.
Another film, “Malcolm X”, focuses on the life of an outstanding civil rights activist and one of the most controversial figures in the 20th century history of the US – Malcolm X. In fact, the films shows how Malcolm X passes through the transformation of his views from a criminal to civil rights activist and devoted Muslim. In fact, this is a long way and the story of Malcolm X is narrated from the Christian standpoint like the story of a person, who lost his way and who attempts to find the way out of the mess he is stumbling in with the help of religion but the choice of Islam is apparently another mistake that he makes in his life.
As his religious views grow strong, they intersect with traditional Christian values but he is still inclined to confront his opponents severely. In fact, the film may be a bit subjective in regard to Malcolm X and interpretation of his story. Nevertheless, the film shows that Malcolm X was an outstanding leader of the civil rights movement, who attempted to struggle against the injustice he faced in his everyday life. He attempted to re-establish the justice in the society but, in contrast to Christian values, he looked for enemies whom to fight upon, instead of looking for appeasement and consolation.
Even though he accepts the equality of all people and worships his fellow Muslims, including whites, he still is quite aggressive in relation to non-Muslims. Hence, the shift from African-American vs. white Americans opposition toward Muslims vs. non-Muslim opposition occurs in views of Malcolm X that contradicts to Christian values. In such a way, the film shows that Malcolm X was an important person, who influenced his time but he failed to accept and maintain traditional Christian values.
Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that both films, “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Malcolm X”, focus on the life of outstanding people, who affected consistently the development of the American society. Directly or indirectly, they intertwined with traditional Christian values, which are dominating in the American society, but both Larry Flynt and Malcolm X failed to live according to Christian values under the impact of their time and environment along with their personal experience and beliefs.

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