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There are a lot of threats and vulnerabilities that can cause harm or damage to people, such as accidents, fire, environmental and natural disasters, civil liability and disorder, and others. The hazards arise either unintentionally or intentionally from a natural cause or a human agent. The threat, according to its nature, quantitative and qualitative characteristics and duration could have a negative impact on personnel. The security personnel are commonly related to lots of possible threats and risks.
Thus, in this paper I am going to discuss and describe a threat and vulnerability assessment for the Acme Corporation, and to examine the countermeasures, which will help to protect against these threats.
Threats and hazards to safety and security
To start with, it is important to mention that the Acme Corporation, like any organizations, can be jeopardized by different accidents. An accident is a dangerous, man-made incident that may occur at the facility, threatening human health and life and leading to the destruction of buildings, structures, equipment and vehicles, disturbance of the transport process’s production, as well as damage to the environment. In particular, accidents at hazardous production facilities include the destruction of facilities, equipment, technical devices, uncontrolled explosion and / or release of hazardous substances that threaten human life or health.
Fire is the destructive force that can bring a significant damage to the enterprise or corporation. According to Ortmeier “few events can cause as much personal injury or property damage as a fire” (Ortmeier, 2009).
Environmental and natural disasters are natural phenomena, which lead to the population’s disruption, death, and the destruction of property. Natural disasters can occur both independently and are linked: one of them may entail another one. Some disasters are results of human activities (e.g., forest and peat fires, industrial explosions in the mountainous terrain, the construction of dams, tab (developing) open pits, which often leads to landslides, avalanches, etc.). Natural disasters are characterized by different durations and substantial sizes – from a few seconds and minutes (earthquakes, avalanches, limnological catastrophes) to several hours (sat), days (landslides) and months (flooding).
Civil disorder is a crime against the public security, which consists of organizing and participating in mass disorders accompanied by violence, pogroms, arson, property destruction, firearms and explosives or explosive devices.
In addition to the above-mentioned threats, it is necessary to pay attention to risks, such as substance abuse and human error.
Human error can be considered to be an inevitable component of all occupations and professions.
This is dramatically to note that substance abuse has become more common in the workplace. Drugs and alcoholism have acute social consequences: committed crimes and immoral acts. Moreover, substance abuse degrades the individual and the population as a whole.
Countermeasures against threats
Countermeasures that will help to protect against threats include the following steps:
 Implementation of state standards and building regulations, which aim to exclude the possibility of an accident;
 Rigid production discipline;
 Precise execution of processes;
 Use of equipment in strict accordance with its technical purpose;
 Duplication and increase safety margins that are the most important elements of production;
 Precise organization of inspection services, monitoring and security;
 Careful selection of personnel, increase practical knowledge in the volume of work;
 Assessment of production conditions in terms view of the possibility of an accident.

Taking everything into account, it is possible to sum up that the Acme Corporation, a manufacturer of high-tech night vision equipment, like any organization, can be subject to various threats and risks. A threat and vulnerability assessment shows that the Acme Corporation has different threats listed above. At the same time, there are different countermeasures, which will help to protect against threats and hazards. This is a well-known fact that each organization is threatened by various intentional and unintentional threats. Consequently, one way of solving these problems is the creation of measures to combat them.

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