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Tom Sawyer is the main character of Mark Twain’s book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and some other books of the author. So, what is so interesting for the reader in the character of Tom? He is horrible bouncer, gadabout who always takes time of any work, but very active and adventurous in those cases that are important for him. According to the context, he is about 12 years old and is absolutely normal boy of his time.
Tom Sawyer is an orphan and is raised by his aunt Polly. He is totally uninterested in the life that flows around, but he is forced to comply with the general rules: go to school, attend church on Sundays, dress neatly, behave well at the table, go to bed early – even though he breaks these rules very often.
Tom is a bring character and has a lot of character traits. He is adventurous and shifty. Despite the fact that Tom lives in a small, sleepy town, where there is dull and quiet, he manages to make life funny and interesting. For example, he was able to transform the most boring painting of the fence into the interesting and profitable activity.
Tom Sawyer managed to outwit all the boys and convince them that painting of the fence was a very pleasant thing. Initially Tom started to paint the fence himself, and did with so great pleasure that his friends thought it was great and honorable and all of them wanted to help him, and even were willing to pay him for it. The corny and very unpleasant situation was turned in a spectacular performance, in an exciting new game.
Tom Sawyer is a fibber and a dreamer. He dreams of getting rich. This dream was carried out by him during the painting of the fence, when the boys paid him all sorts of trinkets for the right to paint. Before painting all his possessions could fit in a pocket – “broken toys, balls, all sorts of rubbish”. But after that he gets much wealth (glasses, tadpoles and pieces of orange peel). He also organized a circus performances and boys paid for them (with pins). He dreams of becoming a pirate, but then changes his dream and wants to become a brigand, as he doesn’t want to travel too far.
Tom is a noble person and good friend. One day, Becky, without permission took the teacher’s book and accidentally torn a page. The teacher noticed that and began to ask students menacingly about who have done that. Tom felt that Becky was ready to confess, and he knew that she would be punished, so he stood up and said that it was he who has tore the page. Tom acted nobly taking the blame.
Tom has a sense of justice and courage, which are particularly evident in the court. One day Tom and Huckleberry Finn became witness of the murder, but as they were afraid of the killer and his gang, they decided not to tell anyone about that. When there was a trial and the judge wanted to blame some drunkard in committing the murder, Tom, knowing that the man was not guilty decided to defend him. Tom was brave and defended an innocent man, even knowing that he would have troubles because of his honesty.
Tom Sawyer is doubtlessly one of the most favorite characters of readers. Because of his tireless cheerfulness, cordiality, and quick wittedness, and sense of adventure he embodies the best traits of boyish childhood. And although he is constantly involved in some kind of shenanigans, he still reads a lot, trying to read more about adventures. Sense of adventure is in his blood. He is full of spirit of danger and traveling. Ha has a desire to embody all those crazy ideas, which appear in his head. Twain knew what he wrote, because he managed to create a character for the ages, to breathe life into him and let him travel over the imagination of people who read the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

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