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Toyota was traditionally characterized by the high quality of its cars. However, recently the company has faced a problem of safety provoked by technical problems in some of its cars. In such a situation, the company had to recall its cars and introduce consistent changes in the control system in the company. On the other hand, the company should just improve the existing control system and implement new decisions that could enhance the control system and to ensure the high quality of products manufactured by Toyota. In this regard, Toyota focused on the total quality management, improvement of its innovations and development of team work to increase the responsibility of its employees and to improve the quality of its products.
First of all, Toyota focused on the improvement of the quality of its products after the safety scandal and recalls of its cars. In this regard, the company attempted to enhance its total quality management, which it has implemented successfully before, but the company attempted to improve the total quality management through focusing on the quality of internal business processes and relations within the company. The total quality management is very effective, especially in terms of the improvement of the safety issues. Toyota is renowned for the high quality of its products and the high efficiency of its total quality management allowed the company to maintain the positive marketing performance. After the safety scandal, the company has to improve its total quality management. In this regard, the company attempted to improve relationships within the company through spreading the idea of the focus on the quality in relationships within the company. Employees working within the company should build up positive relationships based on the quality as the primary concern of the company. At this point, the focus on the total quality management matched the mission of the company to produce good cars for its customers.
Furthermore, the company has introduced a strict control over innovations being introduced in the company. To put it more precisely, the company attempted to test and monitor the effectiveness and reliability of innovative technologies it used in new cars to minimize the risk of failure of new technologies that naturally exposed customers at risk and the risk of failure of cars’ safety increased. In fact, innovations should work effectively and safely, whereas the recent safety scandal has proved that Toyota failed to maintain the high level of reliability and safety of its new technologies. This is why the company focused on stricter control over innovations and their introduction in new cars. In such a way, the company attempts to reach the high level of security and safety of its cars and minimize the risk of new recalls. The high reliability of innovations can help the company to improve its public image and attract customers. In fact, the focus on thorough control over innovations will contribute to regaining confidence of customers in Toyota’s cars and help the company to regain its position in the market, especially in the US.
At the same time, Toyota focused on the development of team work. As the matter of fact, the team work is a very effective tool to improve the quality of products and work of employees. In fact, employees working in teams are more responsible because they feel confident of their importance for the company and possible effects of their failure to work properly. At any rate, employees understand that their failure in the team work will affect the entire team and each team member is responsible for the work of the entire team. In addition, the team work increases the effectiveness of work that means the decrease of the risk of emergence of safety issues.
In such a way, the company attempts to improve the quality of its products through the development of team work. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that team work was well-developed in the company and Toyota attempts to use its experience and to improve the effectiveness of its team work focusing on the high motivation of employees and provision teams with larger autonomy. The latter has proved to be particularly important because the company can benefit from its team work, while teams operate effectively because team members have the autonomy and can take decisions autonomously. As a result, team work become flexible and employees work responsibly that leads to the improvement of quality and safety of Toyota’s cars.
Thus, measures undertaken by Toyota are effective and grounded on traditional approaches used by the company to its internal operations and quality improvement.

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