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The process of globalization affects consistently the development of national economies, politics and culture. At the same time, globalization affects the development of transportation systems of countries and regions. In this regard, the further development of the US transportation system is likely to be different from the current development but the role of the government in the development of the national transportation system and infrastructure will still be significant. To put it more precisely, the authors of “America 2050” report stand on the ground that the federal government will need to expand its view on the national transportation system and view it in the international context of “Global Integration Zones”. What is meant here is the fact that, according to the authors of the report, the federal government should focus on the development of the international infrastructure and transportation system to facilitate the transportation of goods and population movement and to increase the speed of traffic along with its capacity at the international level. The authors of the report believe this change is important and essential because the US will keep integrating into international economic relations and the better the transportation system of the US is developed at the international level the better will be the competitive position of the US economy.
However, such a view on the role of the federal government is quite questionable. Obviously, the federal government should focus on needs and wants of American citizens. Therefore, interests of American citizens will remain the main priority of the federal government as it is now. The federal government cannot focus on the development of international relations solely, whereas the national transportation system should meet needs and wants of the local population above all.

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