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The current development of internet contributes to the emergence of diverse social networks, which grow extremely popular and attract millions of users worldwide. In this regard, Twitter is one of the most popular medium, which attracts users by its simplicity to use and opportunity to track topics which are interesting to user. In fact, any user can focus on the topic he or she is interested in and can follow it using the full potential of the Twitter community. At the same time, the full potential of Twitter is still unclear because, in spite of the growing popularity, its business application is still under a question for Twitter does not bring exorbitant profits to its founders. Nevertheless, whether one likes it or not, but Twitter is quite a tricky network, which engages users and encourages them simply to tweet to get into the stream of information they are interested in.
In actuality, it is quite difficult to say definitely what makes Twitter so popular. Probably, its simplicity and user-friendliness what attract so many users. On the other hand, the lack of any pitfalls and hidden fees contributes to ever growing popularity of Twitter. In its essence, Twitter is a convenient medium to communicate and to trace topics one is interested in. Users do not need to waste their time on searching, they just can tweet to launch the topic they are interested in and to find plenty of news and information on the target topic.
In addition, Twitter opens large opportunities for online communication. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that Twitter allows developing social relations within the Twitter community. The Twitter community grows fast and attracts millions of users worldwide. They can shape their own virtual communities, whereas Twitter becomes the medium with the help of which they can share information, their ideas, and just communicate with each other. In fact, users do not need to pay for their tweets. The communication via Twitter is free of charge and this is a perfect tool, which allows users to share information fast and spread it worldwide. What may limit the spread of information is the topic users are interested in. In such a way, users can benefit from the opportunity to obtain diverse and latest information on the topic they are interested in via Twitter. Twitter is user-friendly. People of different age and background can use Twitter with equal success. As the matter of fact, the connection to internet is the only thing they really need.
On the other hand, the lack of information about users can raise ethical issues, whereas provision of information about users raises legal issues concerning the privacy rights. In fact, this is an ethical dilemma many other social networks face. In fact, Twitter avoids providing users with detailed information referring to users’ personality. As a result, users do not really whom they are communicating with, whereas Tweets are almost anonymous because users can know only the nick of other user posting tweets. In such a situation, the risk of misuse of the medium arises. In fact, one of the major ethical concerns is the risk of predating via Twitter. In fact, the information spread via Twitter is virtually uncontrollable and there is a risk of predating, which occurs frequently in social networks. Adolescents and children can become victims of predating via Twitter but, it seems as if such risks are underestimated at the moment.
Furthermore, the business application of Twitter is still under a question. To put it more precisely, Twitter is a rapidly growing social network but it still fails to bring considerable profits to its founders. At first glance, such a huge social network should have had a considerable business potential and it should have brought exorbitant profits to its founders. However, none of the above has occurred by the moment. Therefore, Twitter keeps growing but its business potential is still undiscovered to the full extent.
Nevertheless, Twitter’s popularity can contribute to considerable profits in the future, on the condition of its commercialization. However, it is unclear whether Twitter will remain as popular as it is at the moment after the commercialization. At the moment, profits and business development are not priorities for Twitter’s founders and the internet community can benefit from this efficient and attractive medium.
Thus, it proves beyond a doubt that Twitter is a convenient, useful and efficient medium, which allows tracking topics of users’ interests. Twitter is user-friendly and free of charge that makes the medium even more popular. On the other hand, privacy issues and the risk of misuse of Twitter by predators persist. In addition, the further business development of Twitter is still unclear, while this huge social network fails to bring considerable profits to its founders.

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