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Famous American Trials: Salem Witchcraft Trials, 1692.
Created and maintained at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School, 1995 – 2011.
History of witchcraft is an old and vast theme of different researches in the world and this website combines in itself many different historical facts about The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1962. The materials used in the description of real events of that “dark” period of American history are considered to be original works of authorship, variations of government records and different papers for which copyright protection has expired many years ago. The target audience is scholars, teachers, students and all people who are looking for true, because it provides initial materials for learning, discussing and understanding of those times events. Thus, Famous Trials website is a credible source of information that has non-commercial and educational character.
Like most websites Famous American Trials: Salem Witchcraft Trials, 1692 possesses strengths and weaknesses. Let us analyze them in the next several paragraphs.
Identifying strengths of Famous Trials website it is necessary to mention that its navigation is rather easy and every researcher can find any interesting question only clicking the title of the necessary topic. Big variety of maps allows to study Salem geographical location and, moreover, possibility to choose size of each map gives pleasant opportunity to specify it. All information is specified in special blocks and contains only well checked and official information. The variety of official documents and letters, records and petitions, papers and even list of dead allows to plunge into this topic deeply and think about formal side of those horrible events. Historical meaning of all documents is impossible to overestimate, because more than one generation of lawyers, scholars, students and researchers discuss it and makes necessary conclusions on the base of observed information. Thinking about strengths we see that this site has its “owner” and creator – Douglas O. Linder, Elmer Powell Peer Professor of Law University of Missouri- K. C. School of Law, the person who is ready to answer letters with questions and to be in contact with people who send him comments or suggestions concerning this Famous American Trials website. One more positive detail is bibliography & links page where are listed various sources about The Salem Witch Trials and all links are available any moment.
Talking about weaknesses we see that the website doesn’t allow people to communicate with each other and post some questions or opinions on its “wall”. It is good that the website presents not only information about The Salem Witch Trials, it also includes “A Brief History of Witchcraft Persecutions before Salem”, but observing all information people should find a possibility to discuss it and find persons holding the same views.
Making the website review and summarizing all previously stated it is obvious that Famous American Trials: Salem Witchcraft Trials, 1692 is a kind of well organized website and its structure is easy and understandable for every person. Thinking about improvements it will be possible to propose its creator to add possibility for people to communicate through the website and share their interests, thoughts and opinions there. One more moment that seems to be good to specify is the history of witchcraft, because it seems to be good to add some facts about witchcraft appearance and its influence on the society.
In conclusion, in its contemporary stage Famous Trials website is a pleasant addition to books, journal articles and other sources of information, because it combines in itself short description of all events, detailed reports about all actions, and has a rather formal position in their presentation. Thus, its usefulness is not only in educative character, but also in saving credible historical data and fast access to all necessary facts.

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