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Comparing women and men on the base of the movie Wit it is very symbolic that the man is a young and healthy person, who is inspired with his own work and a woman is 48-year-old Vivian who is only one patient among others, but a special patient with hard diagnosis, a person who is interesting for doctors due to the possibility to test new kind of treatment, hard and severe full dose treatment and look at the result. Making parallel of the above stated facts with contemporary reality and historical data we see that fatal opposition of the man as ‘master’, ‘head’ and ‘master of destinies’ to woman as essentially secondary creature, created from Adam’s rib, in some measure cause the disharmony of the social structure, social inequality of male and female roles. In this context it should be noted that the problems of one ‘half’ is always directly or indirectly affect the position and condition of the other. Social problems of women are equally the status issue and awareness of gender roles in society. In the mists of time there was no social equality between people, and especially between the man and woman. The latter occupies the same subordinate position as a servant, carrying only own home and motherhood duties.
Thus, basing on the above stated information it is necessary to say for the conclusion that the movie Wit in the context of the women role in society is an interesting example of the struggle for equality. The essence of the idea of equality between men and women, their equality of opportunity, lies in the fact that intellectual and physical potential of a woman in no way inferior to a men. There are no essentially closed or inaccessible areas of mental and physical labor for woman, because the main heroine of the film has several academic degrees and is very intelligent person. Woman’s sacred right is complete freedom of personal choice of species and forms of action for own realization. But the hidden message shows us that woman should be a woman in all senses and family should occupy an honorable place in the life of every person despite any struggle for equal rights and positions.

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