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Wal-Mart is one of the most successful retailers that holds the leading position in the US market and attempts to expand its business internationally. In actuality, the company keeps progressing, in spite of numerous threats and internal weaknesses Wal-Mart has faced, especially under the impact of the recent economic recession. Nevertheless, the company has managed to pass through all the challenges and difficulties and maintains its leading position in the market outpacing many competitors. In this regard, the company has proved to be able to keep progressing, regardless of problems and challenges due to the effective management of the organization.
On analyzing the current position of the company and its development, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that one of the major challenges and weaknesses of the company was the discrimination of employees, which eventually led to lawsuits filed by its employees against the company. In this regard, the discrimination of women in terms of wages and promotion was particularly significant. This discrimination provoked not only internal conflicts and tension within the organization, but also the change of the public attitude toward the company. As the matter of fact, the company has suffered from the formation of the negative public view of Wal-Mart under the impact of lawsuits and discriminatory policies in relation to its employees.
Nevertheless, in spite of the deterioration of the public image and lawsuits against Wal-Mart, the company has managed to pass through the difficulties and, even though, this threat still persists, the company keeps progressing. In this respect, the change of internal business processes and their improvement was a very effective step toward the increase of the effectiveness of the employees’ performance as well as the organizational performance at large. The company has managed to optimize internal business processes that allowed Wal-Mart to save and resources and compensate losses caused by the lawsuits and deterioration of the public image.
In addition, the company has used successfully the shift from full time to part-time jobs. The introduction of part-time jobs in Wal-Mart en masse contributed to saving costs and minimization of the negative impact of internal conflicts on the organizational performance. As the matter of fact, employees doing part-time jobs stayed focus on their job and they were not frustrated with their workplace environment and possible manifestations of discrimination of employees in the workplace. Nevertheless, this strategy helped the company to cut full-time jobs and get rid of employees, which did not fit the organizational structure. Thus, the company optimized internal processes even more.
Furthermore, Wal-Mart offers customers products at very low price that is the main reason of the popularity of the company and its stores. In spite of the negative public image of the company, customers still buy products from Wal-Mart because the company offers products at affordable and low prices. Today, in the time of economic stagnation, the price plays a crucial role, when customers make a choice. In such a way, the company has managed to resist to the public pressure and carried on its policies and business development.
Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that Wal-Mart has managed to use effectively its internal strengths to eliminate external threats, realize its opportunities and decrease the negative impact of its weaknesses on the organizational performance.

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