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Quantitative – Information systems have their quantitative aspect which reveals the characterization of information systems in quantitative terms, while using information system consumes certain quantity of time. Information systems can offer users a variety of services.
Spatial – information systems need space to store and transmit information. The space of information systems tends to increase because the amount of information that has to be processed and transmit increases permanently. The space of information systems affects users and makes them considering over changes in their habits and behavior in regard to computer technology and online activities.
Kinematic – the kinematic aspect of information system implies that they encourage users for some actions and changes. In addition, information systems change constantly because they have to be up-to-date to meet needs of users.
Physical – the physical aspect of information systems can multiple revelations but normally people are exposed to the impact of monitor light, when they work with information systems. The physical impact may not always be evident because the radiation from the monitor or waves emitted by equipment may be not evident for a human eye but still have a physical impact on individuals to the extent that it may affect their health, although, normally, this impact is insignificant.
Biotic – the biotic aspect is very important because information systems and use of modern information technologies naturally affects individuals and activate nerve cells of users. Naturally, the activation of nerve cells leads to chain reaction, which may stimulate an individual to act and respond to signals he or she receives from the information system. Basically, if the information system has a regular impact on nerve cells of an individual, the individual can develop certain reflexes.
Organic – the organic aspect of information systems is similar to the biotic one. In fact, the organic impact of information system may be not evident but still it exists. For instance, while using the information system or modern information technologies an individual uses different means of input and output of information. For input, individuals may use key board and often they use it without looking at keys due to their tactile experience, which they have already acquired in the course of using the information system or information technology. In such a way, individuals are vulnerable to the impact of information system and information technologies, even though they may be not always conscious of this fact.

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