Buy research paper: Carly Fiorina and HP

Carly Fiorina has proved to be one of the most successful leaders of the HP within the last couple of decades. She within the last couple of decades. She joined the company in 1999 and headed the HP till 2005, when she resigned from her position as the CEO and Chairman of the HP. She came to the company from AT&T. Therefore, her employment in the HP is an example of external succession because she came to the HP from another company. Nevertheless, even though she came from outside into the HP, she had proved to be a successful and effective CEO.
In fact, Carly Fiorina joined the HP, when the company needed consistent changes and improvements to accelerate its business development. Carly Firoina was quite successful as the CEO in AT&T. Therefore, the HP took a logical decision to offer her the position of the CEO. The external succession was effective in case of Carly Fiorina and the HP. She came from outside but she had managed to complete projects launched by her predecessor.
In this respect, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that one of the major accomplishments of Carly Firoina as the CEO of the company was the completion of the merger with Compaq. The latter was a former rival of the HP and the merger had improved consistently the position of the company in the market. The competitive position of the HP-Compaq had grown consistently due to the merger. In such a situation, Carly Fiorina led the company in the hard time of restructuring. Nevertheless, she completed restructuring successfully as well. Carly Fiorina focused on the optimization of internal processes within the organization and increased the autonomy of units of the company. In such a way, the company became more flexible and the HP could respond fast and adequately to new challenges it has faced in the course of its business development.
In fact, the HP had changed consistently under the lead of Carly Fiorina. To put it more precisely, the company had expanded its market share due to the merger with Compaq. The process of restructuring affected consistently the company but restructuring allowed the HPQ to preserve the most gifted and prospective employees. In such a way, under the lead of Carly Fiorina the company became stronger. At the same time, the company became more flexible. As a result, after her resignation, the HP could face challenges baldly because the company had the potential to grow and experience of coping with difficulties.
The current succession in the HP carries on policies and strategies developed and implemented successfully by Carly Fiorina. For instance, recently, the company has acquired Palm Inc. another rival of the HP. In such a way, the company expanded its market share even more and improved its competitive position. Leo Apotheker, the current CEO of the HP, was also employed from outside that proves that the HP carries on the strategy of the external succession, which has already brought the company a significant success.
Thus, the succession is very important in regard to the steady and successful development of companies, especially such large ones as the HP. The experience of Carly Fiorina has proved to be very important for the company and it has proved the effectiveness of the external succession for the HP.

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