Buy research paper: Managers, leaders and organizational performance

Managers and leaders play the determinant part in the organizational performance because they manage organizations and lead them to meet their strategic goals. In the contemporary business environment, managers should be able to perform roles of leaders. However, it does not necessarily mean that managers are leaders by definition. In fact, managers should attempt to be leaders but not all managers are leaders (Sim and Killough, 1998). This is what makes the different between successful managers, who take top positions, and average managers, who perform their managerial functions being deprived of leadership skills and abilities.
In actuality, managers and leader are different not only by their personal characteristics but also by their functions within organizations. In this respect, the most distinct differences are the focus of managers on the current organizational performance and the focus of leaders on the vision of the strategic development of the organization (Viardot, 2001). Secondly, managers focus on the control and problem solving, whereas leaders motivate and inspire their subordinates. Furthermore, managers maintain order, whereas leaders focus on change.
In such a way, leaders take the lead, whereas managers following the lead and perform their managerial functions. Nevertheless, managers should strive to become leaders.

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