Buy research paper: The letter to HR director in Raytheon

This paper is written as the letter to HR director in Raytheon. The objective was to choose one or two ethical considerations and one or two diversity considerations on Raytheon and discuss them in a letter. Two considerations are under discussion: the consideration of personnel diversity and possible cultural conflicts in international working staff.
Dear sir or madam!
I’d like you to read my proposals regarding the current situation in Raytheon working staff. You know that the diversity is important issue nowadays. Different international surveys reveal that work staff diversity is a strategic initiative. «According to the Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of Personal Management Associations (WFPMA) survey, managing diversity is perceived as more important in countries such as India (4th HR priority) and China (5th HR priority) than it is in the United States (where managing diversity is not in the top five HR priorities» (SHRM, 2009) However, Raytheon works in the international market and should support its reputation. Recently Raytheon Company faced with a number of lawsuits related to personnel diversity (f.e. «Klein v. Raytheon company, et al.No. CV 08-6461CAS (CWx), 2009,» and «Raytheon CO. v. Hernandez – 540 U.S. 44 (2003)» These lawsuits can impact negatively on company’s reputation.
I’d like to propose the strategic approach to work staff diversity obtained from the Company’s top management. You probably heard that recently the Securities and Exchange Commission «announced its “diversity” requirements for director candidates at public companies» (Chaffari, 2010). After that many large companies made the statements regarding their diversity strategy. Raytheon also made such statement. The statement of Raytheon top-management emphasized the focus on « diversity of experience, expertise and business judgment as key objectives » (Chaffari, 2010). It is also important that this strategy could not be considered as discriminative, because the statement claimed: “director candidate should be chosen without regard to gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation or national origin.” (Chaffari, 2010).
I’d recommend you to revise the diversity strategy in the company according to this statement. Making focus on the diversity experience without regard to race, gender and sexual orientation can help Raytheon to support its international image and obtain the best work staff without the claims on discrimination.
I’d also like to touch one ethical issue related to the work with international work staff. The globalization led to a high number of international students in the American colleges. Some of them can be hired by Raytheon Company. Cultural diversity and different ethical behavior can become the fertile soil for numerous conflicts. At the same time, the Company’s Code of Conduct requires avoiding of every type of conflict and disclosure any potential conflict on the workplace. Students nowadays study business ethics in colleges but the theoretical knowledge cannot replace practical experience. Working together with people of different background they can forget their knowledge. I’d like to propose regular cultural interviews with work staff. Such interviews can be extremely helpful in the departments with international personnel. Some departments of company work in different countries, for example, in Iraq. Cultural pressure together with high risk of working in this country can cause the conflict with negative consequences to company. It is the task of HR Department to prevent such conflict, especially with the cultural or ethical background. So, situation monitoring and some preventive measures should become the everyday duty of HR Department.
Thank you for your attention to my proposal.

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