Buy term paper: Angel’s Heart by Peter Lik

Photographer is a person who sees the world in other eyes and likes to find something new in interesting and simple or vice versa unusual forms. Thus, we are going to talk about Peter Lik, a great photographer who creates Angel’s Heart.
First of all it is necessary to mention that Peter Lik is a self taught Australian landscape photographer who was born 1959 in Melbourne. In many cases people are looking for their mission, but in the case with Peter Lik it is possible to say that mission found him by itself. Observing Lik’s works it becomes obvious that he is a photographer by vocation and exactly his harmony with nature allows him to create such fantastic pictures. Lik is a traveller and he can spend many months waiting for the brilliance opportunity to make a really genius photography. Due to his natural talent and strong wish to create Lik earned highest awards and considered to be the Master of Photography.
Angel’s Heart by Peter Lik is a delicate and sensitive picture. The vertical orientation of this picture creates not only a singular perspective, but also goes away from the more traditional formats. Non-traditional combination of forms and colors makes people to imagine their own images in this picture and awakes mind from sleep. In my judgment, this photography have also a hypnotizing influence, because you can’t to look at it for a second, but you need to look at it for many minutes and found new and new aspects in it.
Thus, Angel’s Heart by Peter Lik is a kind of mystery for me and due its mysterious nature I like this photo and receive a great pleasure from its observing.

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