it is worth mentioning the fact that specialists (Brown, 2003) stand on the ground that testing should focus on the professional qualification of employees, their professional skills and abilities. In such a context, the decision of the city of New Heaven to reject the results of the test is right because the test has failed to mirror the actual professional skills and abilities of firefighters and raised barriers, which African American and Hispanic firefighters have failed to pass. The qualification of employees and their achievements should prior to employers, when the latter make decision on employees’ promotion.
At this point, many specialists (Hesselbein, Goldsmith, & Beckhard, 1996) argue that the use of tests should take into considerations specificities of ethnic/racial environment to provide equal opportunities for representatives of different ethnic or racial groups to pass the test successfully. In fact, the point is that the test conducted by the New Heaven Fire Department as well as many other tests could provide misleading results because they fail to mirror the true, actual level of professional skills and abilities of employees. For instance, some specialists argue that blacks and Hispanics did poorly on the New Haven promotional test, more poorly than they had in the past. Critics say the test was flawed in part because 60 percent of the grade was weighted toward a multiple-choice written test (Totenberg, 2009). In addition, it is important to remember about the fact that some people may be more successful in passing tests than others but passing a test does not necessarily mean a higher qualification of an employee or his or her better professional skills or abilities. In such a way, experts (Dessler, 2004) agree that tests cannot be the sufficient ground for taking a decision on the promotion of employees.
Furthermore, specialists (Dessler, 2004) argue that employers should take into consideration achievements of employees, their qualification, performance and contribution to the organizational success while conducting the promotion of employees. Race or ethnicity should not affect employers’ decisions concerning employees’ promotion. The role of achievements of employees is particularly significant in regard to the promotion of firefighters because their achievements are particularly important for themselves and their colleagues. In fact, firefighters, who have remarkable achievements, have a respect and positive attitude from the part of their colleagues. Therefore, they can perform well, when they take leadership positions. This means that the promotion of employees with great achievements will be perceived positively by their colleagues and will make them even more effective at leading positions because other firefighters will follow their example. In fact, firefighters with great achievements serve as models of behavior for other firefighters and, therefore, they can motivate other firefighters to work better just because they have the authority either formal or informal. In contrast, if achievements of firefighters are ignored just because they fail to pass a test, this policy naturally raises the opposition within the fire department as well as in any other organization. Firefighters are dissatisfied with the ignorance of their achievements, when the decision on their promotion is taken on the ground of tests solely. In fact, when the decision on promotion of employees is taken on the ground of tests solely, this may lead to the situation, when a firefighter can do almost nothing but to learn and train to pass the test, whereas a firefighter, who put his life at risk day after day, fails to pass the test. Obviously, such a situation leads to the growing uncertainty of firefighters and their dissatisfaction with their job. The dissatisfaction of employees with their job naturally leads to the deterioration of their performance that literally means that firefighters will not work as effectively as they can actually do. In addition, this policy leads to the growing risk of conflicts within the fire department and tension of interracial relationships within the department. As a result, the healthy organizational culture turns out to be under a threat as well. This is another proof that the decision of the city of New Heaven to reject the results of the test was right.

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