Buy term paper: Colonial Women and the Arts of Colonial Society

The women in the Colonial America were at the bottom of the society. The married women were subdued to their husbands and the unmarried ones were subdued to their fathers and had no any rights. Besides the influence of the Puritan religion on the social status of the colonial women was great. It was considered that the women were apt to sins. Not all the women could read and write but those who could read were allowed to read only the Bible. Usually they had large families with a lot of children and had to do all the household duties themselves. They span, sewed, cooked, made the procurements of the agricultural products, worked in the fields, were engaged in farming, took care of their children and so on. Serious illnesses and hard work often broke their health.
It is known that all the colonial women were divided into so-called groups according their position in the community: a farmer’s wife, a merchant’s wife living in a city, an indentured servant, a middle-aged unmarried female family member living in a rich household – all of them had different roles in the colonial society but the one and the same goal -to build a new nation. Of course the wealthy women’ life was much easier because they had servants which helped them to perform their household duties.
The arts and the education contributed greatly to the development of the colonial society. A great deal of first education institutions were opened in this period: Harvard College founded in Cambridge, the College of William and Mary in Virginia, Collegiate School of Connecticut. The books were brought from London and soon the first printing press appeared. Many schools were open not only for the children but also for the adults who were taught to read and write, to keep the accounts. The schools were free for the poor. But there were also private schools where the children of rich parents were taught French, music, dancing, grammar, history, literature. Some wealthy plantation owners and merchants invited private teachers from Scotland and Ireland in order to give their children better education.
The arts of the colonial period included music, literature, dancing, painting and represented a mixture of different elements some of which were brought from the Old World and others were born in the New World. Moreover the culture of the masses differed from the culture of the rich.
The immigrants of different nationalities contributed their culture and arts in the colonial society. One of the main elements of American folk songs were the Puritan choral hymns which were sung in the colonial churches of New England. Afro-American music is a part of the American folklore. Besides theater music, dance music and military music was found in this period.
I think that it is no need to detail the information concerning the arts in the colonial period because it is clear that the building of new towns and cities required a lot of knowledge and experience which had the first settlers of the colonies.

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