Buy term paper: Delta Air Lines – the Best US Air Company

Nowadays air service is one of the most important business activities in our life. Just imagine, how difficult our life could be if there were no air service. It includes not only passenger transportation, but also express delivery of cargo.
I’d like to represent Delta Air Lines Company which is one of the largest air line companies in the world. It performs flights to more than 350 points of destination all over the world. (Delta) It is known that Delta Air Lines bought 100% of shares of Northwest Airlines Company in 2008 and became the largest commercial air carrier of the world. (Weber, 2008)
The major mission of this company is to perform the best customer service which includes air transportation of passengers and cargo at reasonable prices using only easy routes providing safety and comfort.
The Structure of Delta Air Lines is represented by a number of regional components, divisions and subsidiaries which are situated in different parts of the world. (Delta)
The company has a long history of more than 85 years. During its existence Delta Air Lines had not only the periods of growth but also it could avoid bankruptcy in 2004. Later, in 2006 another air company US Airways noticed of intention to buy Delta Air Lines. However, the employees strove for the company’s independence and did everything they could to save their company. (Howe, 2006)
The goals and objectives of DAL are concluded in keeping its position in the world market, as well as in competing with peers and enlarging its field of activity by creating new points of destination.
About 75,000 people work for Delta Air Lines, among them are 12,400 well-qualified pilots. More than 160 million customers use the services of this air carrier. Now the President of this company is Edward Bastian and the Chief Executive Officer is Richard H. Anderson. Delta’s headquarters is situated in Atlanta. (Delta)
In conclusion, I should say that Delta Air Lines is not only the company of world-wide reputation which complies its slogan Keep Climbing. Delta Air Lines is a reliable company which always takes care of its customers and is in line with the needs of its major stakeholders.

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