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In the current essay we will review the film “The Hurt Locker”, directed by Kathryn Bigelow. “The Hurt Locker” was filmed in 2008. The film is a winner of six Oscars. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, in 2010, “The Hurt Locker”, competed for the Oscar with her ex-husband James Cameron, who was representing the film “Avatar”. Oscar went to “The Hurt Locker.” The lack of exciting plot, as stated by the experts, not full series episodes and untrue statement – these are the main features of the (negative) feedbacks of the critics that made the picture of one of the most controversial among the hits. Probably, these points have shown that the film was not effective enough in telling almost documentary stories, because this film was directed by a woman.
“The Hurt Locker” tells about the everyday life of American combat engineers in Iraq that consists of Sergeant Thompson (Guy Pearce), Sergeant Sanborn (Anthony Mackie) and Owen Eldridge (Brian Geraghty). Once they were called to demine a bomb placed by terrorists on the road. Sappers decide to send a special robot, but on the way to an explosive device the wheel had broken, and Thompson, wearing a special suit, was sent to the robot to correct the problem. At this time, Sanborn and Eldridge covered him. Sanborn suddenly saw a man holding a mobile phone in his hand. Realizing that this was probably the detonator, he ordered him to quit, but he managed to bring it into effect, and Thompson, who was involved in a broken robot, died. After his death, to the unit arrived Sergeant James (Jeremy Renner), who immediately began to show his fearlessness. After the appearance of James, emerged an additional risk associated with his adventurous behavior.
The film was not extremely hard to watch and there were moments that described different situations, and there also were the elements in the script that may be influenced by the fact that the film was directed by a woman. Some moments of the film were slow and everything happened gradually. This film can not be called a complete action film, and maybe the cause of it is in the fact that the film was directed by a Kathryn Bigelow.
If the film was directed by a man, it could be different in some ways. The circumstances could have been less chaotic and there probably would be a clear plan. There could be more descriptions of war and the film that could last longer. As well, the film contains different aspects of life showing them randomly and probably, if the director of the film was a man, there would be more action moments showing the explosions and more elements of war. The film contained a lot of details and precise moments that showed that it was created by a woman. As a fact, a woman and a man have different approaches and different vision on how to design the film and what elements have to be highlighted more. Some people believe that there is no big difference in the direction of the film, and both a man and a woman can create similar films, as it depends only on their perception of the issue.

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