Buy term paper One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

To begin with restless and independent McMurphy decided to spend some time for the state’s expense in a small psychiatric hospital and feigned his madness. Immediately his contagious sense of independence begins to poison the gray hospital routine (if on TV is the World Baseball Championship, he will not allow inflated sedative pills patients roamed around). As a result a war begins: on one side – McMurphy, on the other – cold-blooded cruel and ruthless nurse Ratched; this war ends with the death of a patient, in which McMurphy accused Ratched. As a result, Chief decides to save him from suffering and kills McMurphy.
I think that this movie is fascinating, intriguing, comic, dramatic, tragic, unusual, vivid, unexpected, wise and strong – these are just a few adjectives that can identify a plot. It should be noted that MacMurphy – is a leader and a hero not only because he was bright and charismatic personality, but because he was able to lead the others. He managed to get people to believe in themselves, in their dreams. He forced people to live again.
Very interesting is Louise Fletcher play (nurse Ratched), iron and ruthlessly cold-blooded nature of the power woman. In the era of the other “iron woman” of the political world – Margaret Thatcher, this cine example was an opportune moment.
To sum it up I would like to say that this is unusual and colorful picture with rebellious spirit of positive hero – is a romantic of movie world. His philosophy and charisma captivate their courage, originality, coupled with an attractive way – “one against all”. He is opposed by evil forces and it seems that he loses, but is he loses in reality? Let everyone can find the answer for themselves. This picture without any doubts is the anthem freedom, its value and attractiveness.

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