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QUESTION 1. Do you agree with Bobby’s request for the second meeting? Why or why not?
Relationships between managers and their subordinates are crucial for the efficient organizational performance. At the same time, often managers need the external assistance to maintain the efficient communication with its subordinates, especially in the course of restructuring of an organization as is the case of Shirley and Jeannie, who have substantial problems in their relationships after the restructuring of the organization. In this regard, Shirley, being a territorial manager, is superior in the organizational hierarchy to Jeannie, who is a branch manager, but still they have to learn to work together effectively and they apparently need the assistance of Kelly, who should mediate to improve their relationships. In such a context, the decision to conduct another meeting being taken by Bobby is right but Kelly should come prepared to the second meeting. However, she should develop a fair communication plan to let both parties talk and communicate with each other. In spite of exiting problems between Shirley and Jeannie, Kelly should attempt to find the way to their solution in the course of the second meeting because Shirley and Jeannie are unable to find the solution on their own and they need the assistance of Kelly.
Taking into consideration, the background of the conflict between Shirley and Jeannie and the failure of the first meeting, Bobby is absolutely right, when he decides to appoint the second meeting. In fact, the second meeting is essential and it must be more productive than the first one. Booby should encourage his subordinates to negotiations and to agreement because they need to change their relationships, to improve them to be able to work together.
In fact, the second meeting is essential because the first meeting was one-sided. To put it more precisely, the first meeting was an excellent opportunity for Jeannie to tell Kelly and Shirley about all her problems she has in relationships with Shirley. In the first meeting, Jeannie talked being uninterrupted and Shirley was shocked. Kelly, in her turn, did not interfere and did not stop Jeannie. Neither she provided an opportunity for Shirley to respond, where as she should have an opportunity to respond because Jeannie is her subordinate and she could not treat her as an equal, especially taking into consideration personal inclinations of Shirley. To put it more precisely, Shirley is inclined to the authoritarian leadership style, whereas the first meeting was a serious offense to her leadership and to her methods of management and leadership. The presence of Kelly in the first meeting was embarrassing for Shirley, taking into consideration her passive position and the recommendation not to talk but listen. As a result, the first meeting is the entire failure because it was Jeannie’s monologue. However, in terms of organizational behaviour and efficient communication, the dialogue will be more productive than monologue that means that Shirley should participate in the conversation, instead of listening to Jeannie in presence of Kelly.
In addition, the problem between Shirley and Jeannie persists and needs immediate solution. Otherwise, the performance of the branch headed by Jeannie will be non-productive and inefficient, while internal conflicts will grow fast within the branch. Internal conflicts expose the branch to a threat of a consistent deterioration of performance (Johns & Saks, 2008). In this regard, it is only poor relationships between Shirley and Jeannie that cause such conflicts. Therefore, their immediate resolution is essential for a stable and healthy organizational culture and normal relationships within the company.
In this regard, Booby should maintain the healthy organizational culture and prove to be a successful leader. He should serve as a model of behaviour for his subordinates. Therefore, he should appoint the second meeting to help his subordinates to communicate with each other and to find a plausible solution that would meet their needs and wants. However, Shirley and Jeannie cannot find the solution of their problems without the external assistance. Hence, Kelly should pay more attention to the second meeting to make it more productive and to bring positive effects to change relationships between Shirley and Jeannie for better. Booby is the leader of the organization and his position is very important. If he insists on the second meeting, his subordinates, including not only Shirley and Jeannie, but also Kelly, will understand how important the improvement of relationships between Shirley and Jeannie is for the company. They should understand that their conflict is not just the matter of their interpersonal relationships but this is the matter of the strategic development of the unit headed by Shirley. She should be responsible for the performance of her unit. On the other hand, Jeannie should be also conscious of negative effects of her behaviour. She should not take problems in her relationships with Shirley one-sidedly. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that Jeannie is open for the dialogue with Shirley. She is conscious of her misbehaviour in the course of their first meeting. She feels that she has offended Shirley and that she has done wrong. Therefore, if Bobby grants her with the second chance, she will behave in a different way.

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