Buy term paper: The Internet as social media: connectivity and immediacy

Business can conduct some social programs but as long as profits will cover these programs. What is meant here is the fact that business can keep progressing and develop successfully but, under the pressure of the public opinion, which grows stronger due to the emergence of social media, business can introduce socially responsible policies. However, it does not mean that a company introducing socially responsible policies refuses from its profits, especially if they are scarce. In stark contrast, the company can introduce socially responsible policies, but the presumable social responsibility of business does and will occur at cost of consumers. To put it more precisely, companies conducting socially responsible policies will cover costs of such policies through raise of the price of their products and services. In such a way, customers will cover costs of socially responsible policies being conducted by business. In this regard, social media can hardly change the situation but they can increase the public pressure on business and make it more socially responsible, although, as it has been already mentioned above, such social responsibility is rather social responsibility of consumers than business. Therefore, even in case of increase of social responsibility of business, business will not change fundamentally.
The main change that is likely to occur under the impact of social media is the shift of business online. Conventional business is likely to use the full potential of social media. In this respect, many specialists (Viardot, 2001) warn that business can use social media to shape the public opinion and to promote its services and products. The penetration of business in social networks is likely to occur because social networks and social media affect a large number of people, millions of users worldwide and they are vulnerable to the impact of media permanently because users are accustomed to use social media on the regular basis. In fact, companies have already started to use internet and social media to conduct their marketing researches, although the use of social media by business is not obvious at the moment. Nevertheless, social media have a great potential in terms of business and, taking into consideration the fact that socioeconomic relations and fundamental principles of business remain unchanged, it is possible to presuppose that business will use social media to promote its products and services or launch new business using social media. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the example of internet, which was used as an efficient tool for sharing information and transferring data but, today, internet is an attractive direction for business development and e-business emerges at the moment.
Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the development of social media can influence business but social media cannot change business fundamentally. In fact, social media can change the form of business, such as the transition from conventional business to e-business. However, social media cannot change fundamental principles of business, among which the pursuit of profits is the primary one. The point is that the fundamental change of business can occur under the impact of socioeconomic changes, whereas social media have social impact mainly, which is partially extrapolated on politics, while business can take this influence superficially without changing its fundamental principles and goals. Moreover, business can change social media to meet its goals.

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