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Determination of the place and role of women in society is one of the pressing and urgent issues of our time, but in our case it is especially important to pay a specific attention on the nature and effectiveness of social and legal support of women. It is a well-known fact that exactly films and books are often used as the main instruments of women’s role description. Thus, we are going to talk about the film Wit and its main character in the body of this paper. The main aim of our discussion is to think about the role of women in American society and to support the discussion with examples taken directly from the above stated film.
First of all it is necessary to say that Wit is an American television movie directed by Mike Nichols in 2001. This movie by Mike Nichols and Emma Thomson was based on the play of the same title Wit written by Margaret Edson. It is necessary to know that this play Wit by Margared Edson won Pulitzer Prize in 1998 and its screen version attracted a broad audience too. Discussing this film all spectators were agree in their opinion that it is rather hard film with emotional plot, where dying person thinks about own life and revalues own place in it.
Beginning to briefly discuss the movie we should say that the main heroine is 48-year-old Vivian Bearing who was diagnosed with metastatic Stage IV ovarian cancer. Vivian Bearing was the well-known professor of English literature and the sphere of her interest was connected with the Holly Sonnets of John Donne, as a part of metaphysic poetry. Thus, a professor who taught students became the subject of inquiry, because she was prescribed to have full doses of various chemotherapy treatments to treat her insidious disease. During the whole film we see different parts of Vivian’s life, because the plot periodically flashes back to previous meaningful moments in Vivian’s life, including her early childhood, her university years, her career steps, lections and other situations prior to her cancer diagnosis. The film was made in a special way, so, all events we see from Vivian’s position when she is looking into the camera and describes her feelings and thoughts about existed situation and her previous life.
Thinking about the role of women we see interesting similarity of the main heroine place in her disease and woman’s role in society in general sense. Young doctor who should to treat Vivian presents a man and Vivian as the main heroine presents a woman. Analyzing women’s role in allegoric way we see that Vivian feels herself the subject of inquiry, because nobody needs her personality, her previous merits, her degree, her mind and thoughts because of her illness, but for many years women had no possibility to develop themselves and feel the same not due to their illness or disability, but only because of their female sex.
It seems that the movie Wit is full of different kinds of messages and attentive spectator can understand all of them in proper way. Saying about overt messages we see that the movie presents contemporary stereotype about women self-development and a great wish to achieve something in this life forgetting about family. Vivian has no family; she has no husband and no children. Into the acknowledgement of this fact we see Vivian’s sufferings and absence of friends and family; it was really hard to see that the only person who takes care for her was one of the nurses on the staff – Susie Monahan. Thus, it is obvious that she has academic degrees, and they are guarantee of success in career direction, but academic awards are not guarantee of happiness in life.

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